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    Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has disclosed for the first time visits to Bali and to a private club in California in 2019 paid for by his friend and benefactor, Texas billionaire Harlan Crow, according to financial disclosures released Friday for eight of the nine justices.

    He has spent his career on the Supreme Court with one goal in mind to live the life of a billionaire and to retire as rich as he can get away with.
    He disdains any oversight or questioning of his lack of ethics. He won’t even recuse himself on January 6 cases, when his wife was a major fan and even a participant in January 6th.
    He has clearly violated the spirit and probably the actual words of the Ethics in Government Act.
    Since 2004, he has received gifts of over 4 million dollars. He did not see any reason that he should be transparent and disclose all the gifts that he has been receiving from his friends who just so happen to love him for his great personality.

    He should be ashamed of the disgrace that he is.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Whenever a Republican calls out an African American he is branded a racist whether he’s right or wrong

    So in the spirit of equality


    Dr. Pepper


    Would this bother you if it was a Supreme Court Justice who supports the slaughter of unborn babies or the type of relationship that the Torah refers to as an abomination?

    We have a president who spent his career with one goal in mind- to enrich himself to the extreme detriment to the country yet you’re still going to vote for him over the person who enriched the country at his own personal expense. (I know, January 6th blah, blah blah…)

    In the past I brought up to you my concern with nominating a judge to the highest court based on her gender (even though she couldn’t define what a woman is) even though many of her earlier rulings were overturned (something that can’t be done with a Supreme Court ruling). Back in March of 22 you said that we can have a separate discussion (See Page 2 of the “So you voted for Biden” thread).

    Now that you’re bringing up the Supreme Court- let’s discuss this:

    Why are you ok with nominating a judge based on her skin color and being a woman, despite her not being able to define what a woman is- especially someone who already showed that she’s not an expert in the law?


    He accepts money from conservatives who have no cases pending before the courts. Liberal judges know to accept money only from liberals, even if they have cases pending. And even worse, he support civil rights for frum Jews, which is politically incorrect.



    Well then, let the powers that be kick him out for his many violations of ethics rules; why, oh why hasn’t that happened yet? Maybe you’re just not SCREAMING LOUDLY ENOUGH.

    You’re a mah-yafis kapo who lacks any Jewish feeling as demonstrated by your constant defense of woke anti-Semites and deafening silence when your high priest Brandon repeatedly stabs Israel in the back. This incontinent, useless turd urinates on Israel and you thank him for making it rain.

    You should be ashamed of the disgrace that you are.


    This guy has accepted MILLIONS of dollars of gifts and consistently “forgets” to report them or claims he was “advised” they were not subject to reporting. We are not talking about tickets to a rock-concert or even a Texas fishing trip. At some point, even the Republicans will have to puke and acknowledge the stench is overpowering. Personally, I wish the Justices were prohibited from accepting ANY gifts above some nominal value


    Lying and slander are serious aveiros, and it makes no difference that the victim is a nochri. JacKKK is a rosho merusha. Any mitzvos he may do (and I’m not convinced he does any) are worthless, because he is such a hateful liar.

    Thomas has never done anything unethical in his entire career. If a friend invites him to come with him on vacation, there is no reason in the world why he should turn it down. There is no judge anywhere who would turn it down. Harlan Crow is a personal friend of his, and occasionally invites him to travel with him, or does him favors; any decent person should be happy for him.

    If Crow would ever have a case come before the Supreme Court, obviously Thomas would recuse himself; but that has never happened, and there’s no prospect of it ever happening.

    Likewise if a case ever came before the court to which Mrs Thomas was a party, he would obviously have to recuse himself, but that has never happened either. The fact that she is active politically is completely irrelevant, and it is NEVER the practice of judges to recuse themselves just because a family member is politically active. That would be a ridiculous and unsustainable rule.

    Consider Reinhardt, who used to be chief judge of the 9th circuit, and whose wife was the head of the Southern California chapter of the ACLU. He would recuse himself only if that chapter was party to a case; but if it was any other chapter he would NOT recuse himself, because his wife was not a party. That is the standard, and Thomas has every right to stick to it. Anyone criticizing him for it is dishonest.


    Jackk is a rabid racist who enjoys seeing blacks love in slums and dying from drugs and gang violence.

    It drives him crazy when those he considers untermenschen are successful.

    This racist attack against a successful black man is typical rabid racist behavior.

    I would say that jackk should be ashamed of himself but rabid racists like jackk whose goal in life is the putting down of black people do not have any shame.


    Milhouse does an elegant job of defending the indefensible. At some point, accepting gifts of RVs, real estate purchases, vacations etc. crosses a line just as much as Judge Merchan’s 10$ donation to the Biden campaign. Harlan Crow is a passionate advocate for many of the policy issues coming before the court even if his name is not in the caption of a cert petition or Amicus.


    Jackk is arabid racist who can’t stand blacks leaving the ghetto and being successful in life.

    For jackk the only place for a black is in the ghetto batey surviving on welfare, not knowing who their fathers are and getting killed by drugs or gang violence.

    Jackk is perfectly happy with that state of affairs bc he doesn’t live in those purgatories. He is a rotten NIMBY marxist/leninist/Stalinist/maoist with a hatred for all mankind.

    Shame on jackk who prefends to love people when he is nothing more than a rabid racist.

    But asking rabid racists to feel shame is a brocha l’vatolo


    Dear JACKK,

    Before we go farther with this discussion,
    I want to clarify two facts about you.

    First: What are your religious beliefs?

    Are you a Reform Jew?
    Are you a Conservative Jew?
    An atheist? An agnostic?
    A Yeshivish Orthodox Jew?
    A Chassidic Orthodox Jew?
    A Modern Orthodox Jew?
    A Modern Orthodox Feminist?
    A Religious Zionist?

    Second: What are your politic beliefs?

    Are you a Marxist? Neo-Marxist? Socialist?
    Liberal? Leftist? Social Democrat? Centrist?
    Left-Wing Democrat? Unorthodox Republican?
    Member of the Green Party?

    I was not planning to ask you these questions,
    but when you started this discussion, I changed my mind.



    SquareRoots: Does it really make a difference how the OP self-identifies. Assuming he is a non-binary Ungarishe Republican anarchist who says Hallel on Trotsky’s yahrtzeit, does that rally matter to the substance of this thread which is the absence of any enforceable ethics rules to SCOTUS?


    These ad hock personal attacks on jackk make me very uncomfortable. 85-90% of the frum world think differently than jackk on politics but these personal attacks have no place in our society. attack the position not the man holding it.


    JACKK claims that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas lacks any ethics.

    Even if that is true, how does that make him any worse than people like:

    Bill and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and his son Hunter, Nancy Pelosi,
    Chuck Schumer, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar?

    Even if that is true, how does that make him any worse than Socialist
    Professors and college and university administrators who intentionally’
    spread hate against Jews and many false accusations against Israel?

    And also the “woke” / Social Justice Warriors of the MSM (Mainstream
    News Media), who also spread hate and false accusations against Israel?

    I mention these wicked people, because they are wicked people
    who would never be criticized by: Marxists, Socialists, Leftists,
    Liberals, Social Justice Warriors, Social Democrats and Wokesters
    — categories that probably describe JACKK very accurately.


    Dorah: There is absolutely nothing wrong with a Justice being very close friends with someone who is a “passionate advocate for many of the policy issues coming before the court”.


    I don’t understand this thread – is there a specific claim that the judge benefited his friend somehow? His philosophy is known, and so of other judges. I think 8 of them decide according to their declared philosophy, whether they ❤️ 🍺 or don’t know who a woman is. The chief judge seems to be the only one who has some external considerations.



    jackk loves attacking others and a review of his posts show that he’s an anti-Semite loving, mah yafis kapo.

    Dr. Pepper


    I agree with you to a point but this site is geared to Frum people and he is purposely antagonizing us. Let him start a forum for abortionists or LGBTQ+ if he doesn’t want to be offended.

    I’ve held back from calling him wicked in the hopes that there’s still a tiny spark within him that can be kindled but anyone who knowingly calls for the re-election of the current president and political party that caused the crisis currently going on in ארץ ישראל- while 100+ of our brothers are still being held captive- is wicked and evil.

    We just observed the anniversary of מתן תורה, I and many others, stayed up the entire night beforehand learning. The תורה is unique in that every single Yid was by הר סיני when it was given. I don’t know if any other religion that makes a similar claim. The תורה has been with us for thousands of years and every single letter had been shown to be 100 true.

    I find it extremely offensive that people here are diametrically opposed to the תורה since it’s against the slaughter of unborn babies as well as relationships that their political party promotes- all this just to get some extra money from the government.


    QUESTION: How do we know for sure that JACKK is Jewish?

    ANSWER: We don’t know that. He could be an Israeli Arab
    who learned Hebrew words and phrases from living in Israel
    and from reading Jewish newspapers and Jewish web sites.


    I am so glad that I did not glance at this thread since I posted the original post.

    I hope you all had an uplifting Shavuos and a true kabbolos hatorah that will inspire you until Purim when we have another chance.

    Whoever actually tried to discuss the issue of taking millions as a judge without publicizing it or ruling on cases where your wife was part of the case, I appreciate the discussion.


    QUESTION: How do we know for sure that JACKK is Jewish?

    ANSWER: Only a Jew could be such an anti-Semite loving, mah-yafis kapo.

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