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    Can someone please help explain the different Shitos on Glatt. (Note I refer to meat only, not to the colloquial extension of the term Glatt as used to cover chicken, fish, ice cream etc).

    The little that I know is that ”the Beis Yosef is makpid on Chalak, that the lungs be completely smooth, and that the Remo is more Meikel.”

    1. What do the Bies Yosef and Remo actually hold?

    2. Does following the Remo, as most Ashkenazim do, mean that they are not actually eating Glatt? Why then do Ashkenazi-approved butchers state their meat is Glatt?

    3. Is there a level of non-Glatt meat not approved even by the Remo, which strictly observant Jews should avoid?

    Many thanks. Mekoros in Poskim would be most welcome.


    The label on the jar of Meal Mart gefilte fish says it’s “glatt.” Now them’s some nice smooth fish lungs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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