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    I am a first year pre-k teacher, which is for 4-5 yr olds, and I am looking for some tips on how to get my students to sit nicely and quietly during circle time. I’m constantly telling them to be quiet, I even try offering them stickers, but it just falls on deaf ears, like I dont exist. Any advice?


    It is up to you as the teacher to set the rules for the class. You are not supposed to be bribing them for following the rules. What time are you doing your circle? Maybe you should change your schedule and do it earlier in the day or right after nap time when they are not restless. You need to adapt to the energy in the room and not try to get them to do something when their energy is not capable of complying. My grandchildren who are 4-5 are either in kindergarten or pre-1A and are very capable of following the rules. So maybe you need to understand the rhythm of the day. Snacks should be after circle time, circle time should be when they are calm and not try to calm them down for circle time. Free play should be after circle time so they get to expend built up energy. Don’t try to get them to sit still when they are hungry and need a boost. When are they most interested in sitting with you?


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    What does the principal say? How many kids are in class? Are they boys or girls? If they are boys, of course they dont want stickers! You need to start a chart system with them, some behavior modifaction charts. Here’s what I have seen: give each kid a jar, and anytime they do something good ie, sharing, lsitening to morah etc. they get a marble or whatever else you want to use. When they get 20, they get a prize. If they are girls, then I dont know why they wouldnt respond to stickers. I teach Pre1A girls and they gravitate to stickers like its soda! Or what you can do is, put 3 stars on the blackboard and if they disappear during the day, no prize, but if they stay on each day for a week, you must get them a special treat for shabbos party(and of course make sure its nut and allergy free!)


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    When I first saw this thread, I misread it as “chosson management tips for pre-k” and my first thought was “boy… someone’s starting the shidduch search early!”

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    Do you have an assistant? Are YOU staying calm or are you getting nervous and are the kids picking up on that? What is your routine, how do you start the circle? Who puts the chairs in the circle you or the kids? Are they coming from free play? Do they put the toys away first? How do you get them to put the toys away?

    Maybe have everyone take a seat at the table and and shut the lights and turn on the tape for one song. Take turns having someone choose which song to play, maybe the child who behaved the best during circle time or a child that was chosen at circle time the day before. When the song is over turn on the lights and have everyone take their chairs and make the circle and then get started. At the end of circle time tell them how proud you are of them for sitting so nicely and being so eager to learn and pick the child who will choose the next days get ready for circle time song.

    Sometimes routine is a key for children, they need to have the structure and they need to know what to expect.


    There r books that give tons of ideas. If u r a teacher u should definatelly try to learn as much as u could.. One thing thats cute- make a whole production of getting all the kids so quiet so they can here the pin drop.. literally- drop a paper clip on the floor before circle time every day- the kids will have to be super quiet so everyone can hear it!


    good luck those age kide love to test you that’s there fun they want to see who is stronger who will win the game that’s what they call it.


    i have a really good book called how to talk so kids can learn. here are some tips. instead of commanding(sit,stop,move,stand,line up….) remind (chaya, ur seat) give information (its easier for morah to teach/read book when every one is sitting). offer a choice (u can sit on the floor or on the chair). describe the problem (i see some girls out of their seat).make it playful (lets make a choo choo train to with our chairs, ok now turn ur chairs to face morah)use a different voice (official tone- attention all girls we will now be having circle time please take ur chairs and put them in a circle….)

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    Are they boys or girls? If they are boys, of course they dont want stickers! You need to start a chart system with them, some behavior modifaction charts.

    FYI: there are many frum OUT OF TOWN places that have pre-k and kindergarten mixed (boys and girls) so how would it work in that case

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    s2021, I love that idea! Super cool!


    s2021, I love that idea! Super cool! TBL that’s sounds great too, make circle time the exciting part of the day, which makes “learning” the most exciting part of the day”. Maybe give them each a “learning cap or crown” that you hand out on when they are all sitting in their seats….make sure we are all sitting nicely in our seats so our special learning caps don’t tip over and fall off”. And maybe you can add stickers to the learning caps at the end of each session for the children that sat nicely through circle time. Let them choose the sticker and let them put it on their cap. Maybe they can each wear their caps at graduation or at a recital.

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