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    Does anyone have a way to clean velvet kippot that got dirty?not just dusty-dirty-so that scotch tape or a lint brush doesnt remove the stain?you also cant get them wet because that will for sure ruin them… budget doesnt allow me to get so many new kippot for my kids with their names embroidered-but i love seing them with fresh clean looking kippot!


    put it in the washing machine for a 2 minute cycle then put it in the dryer for 1 minute to get the velvet puffed up again then strech it to original shape and then hang it to dry on a clothes line and only clip the rim because it could leave a mark it can shrink a drop try it with an old kippa if your afraid you’ll ruin it


    They now sell washable yarmulkes.

    I wash my kids’ yarmulkes in a soaking tub and cold . They do get faded but it’s better than dirty.


    I wash them in a delicate, cold, dark cycle, remove right away, then let dry on something round. A shaitel head is good. My friend has a plastic “cage” thing for washing baseball caps in the dishwasher, so she puts it on top of that to dry.


    you can also take a wet washcloth or towel schmatte and wipe them off. they don’t get as wet as washing them and they dry quickly.


    jothar-where would i find washable kippot?that sounds like the best option yet!the others were way too involved!!


    I’ve seen them in my local judaica shop. They only come in 1 color (guess which one!)but they are washable.


    I throw it into the washing machine and then let it air dry.


    how do you let them get wet?one kippa fell into the toilet(long story)-clean toilet, mind you-so i washed it by hand with some tide, very gently, let it air dry and it shrunk so small there was no way anyone can wear it!does anyone know where i can find washable kippot in brookyn?


    you can find it in any Judaica store- Eichlers the one on 43 and 13…. A lot of stores. Just ask


    Why can’t we all wear cotton/poly yarmulkas?



    I switched to a cloth when I realized that my shvitz made my velvet ones disgusting. Cloth ones are easily washed.


    I do NOT understand why someone doesn’t make men’s kipot out of the same velour used for lady’s robes? It would be a very successful business! That material machine washes fine, over & over, actually resists soil in the first place, comes in colors for those who prefer it, and the slight stretchy-ness would help the fit.

    Nice cotton/poly ones would also be great. Fits better under a hat, for sure.

    Nu? Some one out there who likes to sew and needs a parnassah??

    Pashuteh Yid

    This is such a simple question. Give it to your wife to wash it.



    Antistatic spray and then a brushing with a hat brush should do it. I’m with Jothar though and I keep my velvet yarmulkes for Shabbos. When this crop becomes unusable I am switching to cloth for Shabbos as well. Cloth was good enough for my Rebbe ZYA and it is more than good enough for me.

    Regular cloth yarmulkes are hand washable (soakable).

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