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    Does anyone have good way to clean tzitzis? I just soak it in some warm water, detergent and a bit of bleach, but I don’t find that they come out any cleaner or smelling any fresher. Plus I have to be careful not to get the strings in the bleach or else they will get ruined (according to my husband). Any tips?


    Don’t use bleach. Use Woolite.


    I actually have rolled the tzitzis and clipped them together with a plastic clip kinda like a chip clip put them in a lingerie bag and put in in the washer…

    Yes your husband is correct – no bleach!


    Interesting concoction we have tried and found to be quite good:

    Wash in a front loader, with some Iron Out(powder), milk(!!!), and detergent! (note:do not use iron out all that often-not for every wash).Tie tzitis strings into a bag to protect from knotting…


    My mother-in-law washes my husband’s tzitzis because I am not a laundry person.

    She takes white socks and puts the strings inside and ties them. Then throws them into the wash. But my husband doesn’t wear wool tzitzis which can shrink in the wash.


    sjs, may your mother in law be healthy and strong til 120!!!


    LOL! Eventually I’ll make my husband wash his own tzitzis. Unless I become a stay at home parent.



    You need to hand soak with detergent in an oxygen bleach powder. The haimishe stores might sell Sano from EY which is good stuff; they used to sell Dylon SuperWhite or something from the UK years ago. I forget what the US brand is; in Europe the main brand is Vanish/Cilla/Kalia from ReckittBenckiser.


    I just wash them in a bowl, by hand, using hand washing powder. Takes a while, but it does a decent job, though they don’t really look 100% white any more (but that’s ok, as long as they look decent, clean and smell good).


    I take silver foil paper and wrap the strings in them so they are compltely covered. Then i put them into the washing machine with my white load. I dont know if the silver foil is good/bad/indifferent to the machine, but this is how I do it.


    On this topic- my husband’s tallis got dirty on simchas torah. i heard there is a way to wash it that works better then the cleaners. Any hints?


    I think there is a Hispanic man who works in a Jewish grocery store somewhere in the Tri-state area who can answer all your questions about cleaning tzitzis.


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    People, just don’t do the mistake I did.


    Cleans tzitzes? Who cleans tzitzes?


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    YW Moderator-42

    Received in an email awhile ago:

    I have a great new product that helps people when washing tzitzit. The

    benefits of using Ziptzit are as follows:

    1- No more tangles (saving you lots of frustration and time)

    2- No more ripping (saving you money from having to buy more tzitzit)

    3- No more washing by hand (can be washed in your washing machine)

    My product makes for a perfect, and inexpensive, Chanuka gift for

    anyone who washes tzitzit.

    If you want to learn more about my product, please check out my

    website at

    Thank you,

    Steve Lax

    I tried going to the web site and it doesn’t seem to exist anymore, might just be temporarily down.


    btw just a little suggestion, if you have patience, I put clear nail polish on all my tzitzis ends (about quarter of an inch length) when it’s new, best idea ever.

    protects them from opening up & getting all afro & stuff.

    I knot my tzitzis strings together as one, like four times, starting from beged,

    then I place in washer gentle cycle with a little liquid detergent,

    then i pop it in the dryer on medium, take out when beged is dry, but tzitzis is patially wet, untie knots & let dry for a little while.


    my husband would wear them until they were so gray they could be seen beneath his white shirts

    I taught him how to hand-wash them

    the reason I refuse to wash them is because he is capable of washing them, but would not only because he does not care – if he did not have the five minutes, or was truly incapable of doing it, then I would – but I won’t induldge his laziness and consequent wearing of gross dirty tzitzis just because he does not care

    his penalty for wearing dirty tzitzis is no kneidlach on shabbos – I’ll serve luchshen with the soup, but if he wants me to roll kneidlach in the kitchen, he better be roll his tzitzis in the sink

    [Telegrok here peeking over wife’s shoulder – I have a mesorah to not wash my tzitzis, it was a groise minhag in the dorm when I was a bochur)


    telegrok’s wife – “his penalty for wearing dirty tzitzis is no kneidlach on shabbos”

    That’s cruel and unusual punishment, but it could be worse.


    I tie the tzitzis in a white sock and then put the entire garment in a mesh laundry bag and wash on the gentle cycle with bleach aternative detergent. I find that the bleach eats the fabric and causes them to wear out more quickly. When clean I remove the sock and hang the garment from a hanger to air dry. They come out very nicely and the tzitzis do not tangle.I used to dread washing them but now they are a breeze. Hope this helps.


    Thank you for the strings in a sock idea & then putting everything in a mesh bag. Greatly Appreciated!

    YW Moderator-42

    I put my tzitzis in the washing machine on regular cycle with the regular load, no shtick. They come out a bit tangled but not too bad, I untangle and hang to dry.


    Take them into the shower with you on a regular basis and hang then to dry over a rail, this idea avoids the strings separating.

    If strings get a little knotted then just iron them out before attempting to unknot them.

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