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    anyone live there? what is life like there? what kind of crowd is there? etc


    People do live there.


    Cleveland – Home of the burning river, the Mistake by the Lake.


    I actually live in Cleveland (look at my moniker). Cleveland is great if you want to live out of town (I moved here from NY). Pros:

    Very good for a small community, at least 8 shuls: Young Israel, modern orthodox, yeshivish, even a small Chassideshe Shteible called Alexander Rebbe, kiddushim every shabbos, etc.

    three k-12 schools: modern, mizrachi type (coed-but orthodox); regular called Hebrew Academy, very good, middle of the road school, no New York shtick, (ie obsession with white shirts etc), good rebbeim and teachers; yeshivish school called Mosdos; Also Teshe Yeshivah,(yeshivish, Litvishe type) grades 9-12 with a Beis Midrash program for post h.s.); also Hebrew Academy has a middle of the road grades 9-12 h.s. program, (small though).

    Also like 5 Kollelelim where a lot of the people learn before and after work.


    One restaurant, (fleishig); one Israeli place, (fleishig, shwarma etc); 2 pizza shops;

    So not too much to do: most people go to work and learn at night, not too much night activities or exitement (some people are looking for that slow paced life though).

    Housing: very affordable; nice houses in the frum neighborhoods $200k, often less in the certain areas.

    Summary: if you want to get out of NY and want a slow paced, no frills lifestyle, enjoy!


    I live in Cleveland Heights and it is a growing, warm and affordable community. Cleveland Heights has many shuls (Yeshivish – YI and in between), kollels, grocery store, three day schools, Telshe Yeshiva, beautiful Cain Park only a 10 minute WALK from home, the Rambam Eruv, nice size front and back yards, most homes below $150K, down payment assistance of $10K, seperate swim hours at the City’s outdoor pool, we even have a frum City Councilman (Jason Stein). Literally, thousands of jobs in the medical field (Cleveland Clininc, University Hospitals, Metro Hospitals) and Universities are a short 10 minute BIKE ride from the frum community. If you want a warm, family friendly, affordable Torah community, you should look into Cleveland Heights. For additional information you can contact the City of Cleveland Heights’ Community Relations Department. They will talk to you and mail you out information. Also, there is a Jewish Cleveland Heights group that helps frum families looking to make the move to Cleveland Heights.



    Flat – easy to walk around on Shabbat

    Although it’s been many years, I found that the community to be a nice middle class OOT frum community.


    I hear that the city is rather poor, only second to Detroit.

    Off the lake, so it might get a lot of snow. It could be humid in the summer.


    unknown123 – nope. Nobody lives there. It’s actually only slightly more populated than a desert island. In fact the only place in the world where people actually live is the tri-state area. And perhaps Chicago


    I’m pretty sure they meant to say, “anybody out there in YW land live there” so they can weigh in!!!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    And perhaps Chicago

    yea, but there are only a handful of us out here and a couple of dairy farms.


    @Syag Lchochma But dairy farms are awesome. what more do you need really.


    I thought it was a third-rate TV show.


    nfgo3 ^^ that too.

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