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    spot on

    I am a big climber. For example, if something has to be reached from a high shelf in the kitchen, I won’t take a chair and reach it. I’ll jump on to the counter (don’t worry, I’ll clean the counter afterward.)
    For some weird reason people consider it immature. Several instances over my life someone would hint to it, but yesterday for the first time, someone actually said it outright. There was a plaque and a letter fell off, so I went on a ledge to try to reattach it. (I was unsuccessful. It needs glue or something.)
    What’s immature about that? Nothing. I guess most people are so immobile and lumpy that if there’s an exerted maneuver it’s automatically subscribed to the “attention-seeking” category, but that’s their issue, not mine.


    and posting such content is certainly the height of maturity and not “attention-seeking” at all!


    I think it’s seen as immature because most adults are not small enough to physically climb on a counter without hurting themselves or it.

    So it’s a matter of association more than anything.

    spot on

    Why would you write something so patently false?



    I assume you were talking to mentsch. while what he said was “so patently false” he was being sarcastic. He doesn’t really mean that this content if the height of maturity and not attention thinking.

    Avira didnt say anything remotely false


    why would he imply something so patently false?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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