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    itzik have you ever been to a levaya for a soldier?


    Itzik, going to a levayah is a big zechus for the niftar.


    Wouldnt the family appreciate the fact that so many care for their lost son/brother? Wont it serve as a form of comfort? There to say amen to kaddish for the niftar- its a big zchus!



    We have no idea what the families want. All well and good that it is a zechus for the niftar but there are living relatives who may not understand or appreciate this. When you go to a levaya that is not public, it looks like you are trying to make a show of yourself and your own imagined tzidkus.

    And no, I do not go to levayas of anyone I do not know – that includes tzadikim. I did not go to the levaya of either the past Satmar Rov or the Pnei Menachem although I was less than 10 minutes away at the time of both levayas. All I would have done is contributed to crowd control issues or, worse yet, been tempted to look for friends in the crowds.


    sorry mod, curious doesnt wana teach me anything

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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