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    you got it this post has ntohing to do with any of that. I just wanted to get your attention for a minute.

    I commend each and everyone of you for caring so much about these boys who unfortunatly have been snatched from their families and been taken into captivity. Shkoyach to you all, for davening, saying tehillim and wishing for the well being of our fellow man.

    someone made a comment before on one of the articles saying “don’t bring politics into a time like this when we all need to be unified”.

    Why does it take something visibly awry to make us unified. Cant we just realize that we have been abducted from our true residing space, eretz yisroel with a bais hamikdash. We are in a time of galus, a time of unknown, where Hashem is hidden but so clearly showing us how we can try to reach out to Him. Why is it that unfortunatly we must wait until something like this happens to become unified.

    why do we manage to hate each other when we are clearly in peril always. we need each other!!!!


    exactly my point, we should unify in a pleasant way so we don’t need tragedy as a wake up call.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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