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    I am overweight. While I am working to change that, I still need decent clothing that fits. Shirts that fit loosely, instead of showing every curve and bulge, where the buttons lie normally instead of showing my tzitzis peeking thru between button to button. Trousers that I do not need to squeeze my stomach in every morning in order to close the latch, which breaks all too often. Suit jackets that close.

    Does anyone know where in Jerusalem I can buy clothing that is, ok, in the oversize department?




    What size do you wear? Most men’s clothing stores carry suits running into the larger sizes. If they don’t have something big enough (which I doubt), I’m sure they could tell you where you could find it.

    P.S. I take my son (who is also on the heavy side to XXos (or however you spell it), which is in the parking lot underneath the Rav Shefa mall. They usually have good sales right before each YT and during bein hazmanim, but even so their prices in general are not bad.


    My complaint as a woman who is overweight, is that whenever I go into the “women’s” section of a store, I find the styles outrageous!

    What? Do they think just because I need to lose a few pounds I have absolutely no sense of style???? (btw- i actually used to be quite thin – from childhood through my early 30’s. So i don’t think my sense of style would have changed with my increase in weight. ATTENTION DESIGNERS- Please!!! Don’t give me oversized floral print tents! There is nothing remotely pretty about them, or most of the other styles you put out there for us. OK?

    There is one store that actually has decent clothing for the larger size woman. That’s dressbarn. They have the same styles in both sides of their store. Yes sometimes a style may have to be modified a bit for the larger sizes, only because it would look horrific otherwise. But in general I can find something there.

    Rainus – I didn’t know men had such problems also. I have seen large sizes for men. And as far as style goes, there’s not much you can do with a white shirt and black pants.;) So I wonder why there is such a problem in Jerusalem. Keep looking. I’m sure you’ll find something. Have you tried on line shopping? Hatzlacha.


    I am at least a size 70. Most clothing stores don’t carry larger than 66, if that.



    how bout dressbarn? i know they have plus size.. dont know wat the stuff looks like tho!! try a european website called asos which has reg size rlly good stuff!! they have a plus size section also…


    You look perfectly fine from here.


    the question is , why is it called dress”barn” why not dress’boutique”

    barn sounds like it is for cows and horses


    mewho, I have often wondered about that myself. it IS kinda tacky.


    I love dress barn! I have found amazing dresses from there for simchas!


    The sho’el is a man.

    DressBarn isn’t going to help him (let’s hope).


    unless he is getting a gift certificate for his wife…


    Dressbarn is very “hit and miss”, and like every other women’s store (including “heimish” ones), the skirts and dresses run on the short side these days.


    RebDoniel is right.

    I am looking for clothes for myself.


    I have similar problems.

    I need to cut back on my eating and also try to walk more (I walk less in the winter than I do in the summer).

    I would imagine it being very hard in Israel to find properly-fitting clothes for bigger guys, since Israelis tend not to be overweight.


    maybe i was responding to gefen…

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Did you try shopping online?


    ThePurpleOne- yes I mentioned dressbarn in my post.

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