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    Would it be beneficial in this day and age to stop the Loshon Horah and Rechilus, especially on social media when one can’t defend oneself, especially if one doesn’t have access to social media,
    Let’s all stop the SOCIAL MEDIA justice, & bismirking & wash other people’s laundry whether in private or public,
    Let’s stop bashing politicians (whether we like them or not) in public, it may 1 day ח”ו backfire,
    In this Zechus may we here בשורות טובות, ונזכה לחג כשר ושמח, ונאכל שם מן הזבחים ומן הפסחים,,,


    by posting this your guilty of being motzy shem rah on yiddin,


    Commonseychal: Your accusation against Chymee is itself a manifestation of sinas chinam and lashon haroh.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Common- is that teally the only response you could come up with?


    No its the most civil response


    Thanks for posting and I’m signed onto your campaign right now


    Me too. It is so easy to find faults with others. If we are struggling with hatred for others the best we can do for them is to pray for them. If our ranting will not have an affect on others then let us trust our Loving Father that He will take care of us and is handling the situation as He sees best. What we CAN do is to pray for them and increase Ahavas Yisroel. Let us emerge from ‘the dislike of the unlike mode’ to the ‘like of the unlike mode’. This can only be achieved through positive actions and holding ourselves back when wanting to criticize. If we hold ourselves back because we want to do Hashem’s will this is equivalent to doing positive actions. In fact it is worth even more. See rabeinu Yonah (Shaarei teshuva 3 7 ) where he explains a most bizarre statement חביבין דברי סופרין יותר מיינה של תורה. The gist of what he says is that the tachlis of Torah and Mitzvos is to enhance our Yiras Shamayim. Every Takono of Chazal is to ensure we do not encroach on an IssurMin Hatorah. So at the root of all Takanos Derabanan is Yiras Shamayim which is the purpose of the whole Torah. When a person refrains, because of his Yiras Shamayim, from doing or speaking something which he has a strong urge to do he has actively been practicing Yiras Shamayim which is the ultimate purpose of the whole Torah. He has thus hit Bullseye!
    Wishing you all holy brothers Siyata Dishmaya and srenity to do His will and we should be zocheh to see the end of this Tzoro very soon and experience the Geula Shleima bekorov Mamash.


    Chymee – Thanks for your comments. The punishment for Lashon Hara is in fact – social isolation, so perhaps that is what is really going on.
    Unfortunately, Shmiras Halashon is not so simple. There are times when we are REQUIRED to say something nasty. For instance, reporting a minyan to the New York police department is a mitzvah as Rabbi Hoffman poskened. In order to know what we are supposed to say, who we are supposed to say it to, and when we are supposed to say it, we need to learn the laws of Shmiras Halashon – and try to follow them.
    Sometimes when I learn those halachos, all I can do is feel bad about not being able to live up to what I’m supposed to do. The Chofetz Chaim says that just having that feeling is very valuable and is worth the effort even if you can’t actually keep the halachos. Like any habit, it takes patience and perseverance to change.
    Good Luck and Stay Healthy – physically and spiritually!


    You’re a Million & 1% right,
    I totally agree with Rabbi Y. Hoffman, (who am I to agree/disagree) one who organise Minyan should be reported,
    My main point is Social media justice, whether its Yiddish or non Yiddish news outlets & its commentators,
    This has to stop once and for all, we keep on washing other peoples laundry in public before finding out the real facts, once it turns out that we’re wrong than it’s tooooo late to turn the clock back, & in the meantime we’ve killed an entire family,
    Good Yomtov

    Reb Eliezer

    We are all in the same boat. Don’t bore a hole in the boat saying it does not effect me as it sinks the boat.

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