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    sjs-I agree. Drinking soda, I believe as was discussed on another thread a very long time ago, was categorized as superfluous gashmius/ indulgence. That aside, we need very much to teach our children about health/nutrition…it is so neglected, and it can be taught in the context of a mitzva to satisfy those that need justification. I would also add to the list managing money. I don’t think having a certain level of bitachon should be a one way ticket to irresponsibility-in the money or health realm.


    I don’t agree that its superfluous indulgence for me right now – without coke, I cannot get through a day of pregnancy! But yes, normally its a terrible thing that should be avoided 99% of the time.

    Ashrecha Yisroel

    Back on what was being said earlier about playing as a kid:

    Today, someone told me that R’ Chaim Kanievsky said about himself that he didn’t learn well until the age of 17 and that if it weren’t for his connection (Steipler/Chazon Ish), he would have been thrown out of yeshiva as a child.

    Please verify this story if possible. But even if it goes unverified, the point is still there.


    I can’t verify that story, so I will refrain from comment, but I think the story with the Netziv is even more powerful. His parents gave up and decided to apprentice him to a shoemaker (because he had no hatzlacha in learning). The young boy heard this and became so distressed at the thought that he was motivated to apply himself and became the Gaon we are familiar with.

    When he told this story, he would then add that had he not overheard his parents’ conversation, after 120 years he would have arrived before the Judge, Who would have asked him why he did not write the sefer Ha’amek Davar. The simple shoemaker would have been shocked, but completely unable to defend himself.


    Oh, I wish. Whats wrong with kids having gym class, baking/cooking(yes even boys!), swimming, or even an interesting current event workshop once a week – IN THEIR OWN YESHIVA BUILDING. Oh- lets keep on dreaming but it would be great!

    Ashrecha Yisroel

    My rebbi told me over shabbos that R’ Chaim Ozer, when he was a child, rode a goat into cheder. He was wild as a child.


    I’m coming into this discussion rather late, but I believe that the main reason for cutting down on the cola (and other sodas), is that a) they are empty calories and b) the enormous amount of sugar in even a single can may have an adverse effeect on the students, especially if they are drinking soda after soda. The caffeine may also be a factor. It is better for the kids to be drinking juice, milk and just plain water. Cola has a dehydrating effect, as the caffeine acts as a diuretic. I happen to love soda (only drink diet, though), but even I have cut down considerably to only drinking an occasional soda on Shabbos, or at a simcha.

    As to the rules and regs in Yeshivahs, well, it IS true that if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. You don’t like this Yeshivah’s rules, send your kids elsewhere. But what if there IS no “elsewhere” readily and easily available to a parent?

    What if they have sent their kids to that Yeshivah for years, and suddenly the Yeshivah changes many of the rules that were never in effect before? I experienced that to a very mild degree when my daughter’s yeshivah suddenly decided they wanted to institute a “uniforms” policy. After having bought clothing for the school year, I had to now suddenly spend way more money buying the uniform. I had no choice but to do so. There was no other school to which I would be able to send my daughters, for various reasons, both hashkafically and in terms of the friends they would have in their school versus another. Sometimes, you have to bite the bullet in order to benefit in other ways.

Viewing 7 posts - 101 through 107 (of 107 total)
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