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    What’s the difference bet a frappe, a cappuccino, a latte and all the other coffee drinks on the menu?

    What’s the difference between scotch, bourbon, single malt, double malt, etc.


    “the difference between scotch, bourbon, single malt, double malt, etc.”

    First of all, you should know that there is no diff. bet. them after somewhere ’bout the 13-14th glass 😉

    But BEFORE that, there are some minor differences, yes. Technically there is no difference between whiskey and scotch. Scotch is made in Scotland, and whiskey, elsewhere. They are both barley based distilled beverages that are barrel aged.

    Burbon is made in the same distillation and aging manner as whiskey, but it is mainly from corn, and is american based (Kentuky?)

    Malt whisky is a whisky made from 100% malted barley; it is distilled in an onion-shaped pot still. Malt whisky that’s made in one distillery, not blended with anything alse, is called a single malt whisky to distinguish it from blended whiskies (“double malt”)

    L’Chaim yidden, L’Chaim!


    And what is “brunfen”?


    Oddly enough, its the same answer for both questions.

    One is $1.00 per serving, the other is $5.00

    Same product, different marketing.


    BaalHabooze Interesting. Thanks for the info.

    Now about that latte…


    A latte is an espresso with steamed milk instead of water.

    A cappuccino is coffee with milk that has been turned into a froth.

    An Americana is what we consider a regular coffee with milk.

    A frappe is a drink served with ice


    anyone know what a cup of coffee with a shot of brohnfin in it is called?


    it’s called ‘brohnffee’

    ok,ok, i just made that one up…but it’s a great word…lol…brohnffee! has a nice ring to it, kinda’ slides off the tongue…brrrronhffee…hehe

    hey, we should add this and more words in my voca-booze-lary* to the official Coffee Room Dictionary:

    -half a cup of brohnfin in coffee is called “cough-ee”

    -3/4 cup of brohnfin in coffee is called an “L.I.S.P.” (LIquid Sleeping Pill)

    -cappuccino and brohnfin= brohnfinccino

    L’Chaim yidden, L’Chaim!

    (gulp, gulp, gulp)


    ….o.k. about that…(*spits*)…brohnfinccino….

    *voca-booze-lary= vocabulary for you slow pokes:)


    Although Baal HaBOOZE has the appropriate name to answer this question, I have to respectfully disagree with part of his quote. Whisky (or whiskey in the English/Irish/etc. spelling) includes all different types of whisky – including scotch, bourbon, rye etc. Whisky is the general term. Besides that, I agree.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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