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    Many times while reading the topics and posts in this coffee room, I wonder what is the difeerence between a COFFEE ROOM and a WASTE BASKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    whocares: What about this thread? Does it keep you wondering, or do you know exactly where it belongs. If so, where?





    Takah, have you seen the messy condition of coffee rooms in some yeshivos? I can’t tell the difference between a coffee room and a cow barn!!


    If a post bothers you,comment on that thread.

    No need to insult globally.

    I personally have requested several of my own posts deleted if even one poster was upset by it.


    This belongs in the suggestion box usually placed in the corner of a kitchen. (aka. rubbish bin)


    Whocares is right. It’s just like a waste basket. The newer threads push the older ones down to the bottom until they are out of sight.


    Very simple difference:

    CR is where I go to for fun and games (and sometimes, things that require thought)

    The waste basket is where I toss threads that are critical of the CR.

    Guess where this one is headed?


    Good job!! Just keep on dumping your beautiful ideas into this trash thread!!!


    maybe it’s a circular file?


    please don’t compare both,total different endings.


    I agree with initiator, one big rubbish bin where a valuble object sometimes land.


    Some threads are great, inspiring and informative, others are really shtusy.

    Ken Zayn

    I shouldnt even respond to this garbage thread. If we all liked the exact same things, life would be boring. There’d be only one thread here on the one topic, only one flavor of candy, one type of chocolate, only one sort of cake, one model and color of car, one destination for vacations, one brand of whiskey, one style of suit and coat for men (some would say there is this already!). Diversity is the spice of life. So some posts you will like while others wont interest you. Thats life. Unless you’re interested in men+women+teens+older people’s topics and ideas. As for good posts, that up to you!!

    And if you dont know “the difeerence between the cr and a waste basket” then you need spelling lessons, (I can suggest ecli… No forget it!) and by the way your thread just ended up in the wrong of those 2 places!


    Ken Zayn! Yur post maid mee mamash cry. u cught mee buy a spelkling misstaik! Dat iz terabel. Butt I wil b u moechel, beecuz i no dat iff u wud no howe mutch itt bodered mee probiblee u wud knot hav rittin it.

    haav a Hippy poorim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    To paraphrase a quote I saw recently from Donald Trump,

    What is the difference between the CoffeeRoom and a waste basket?

    The waste basket doesn’t have seven billion people mucking about in it.

    Ken Zayn

    Who cares: I would never intentionally write something that I thought would really bother somebody else. You didnt even make a spelling mistake, only a simple typing error which anyone can do. Happens the whole time. So I didnt think it was so bad to highlight it. My post wouldnt have got through had it been so bad. So dont take it to heart. I only thought that with a name like who cares and after writing an OP like you did then you obviously have a thick skin and dont mind things being written here that will shtech other posters. But THANX for being mochel me and a hippy poorim to you too and I hope all the posters that felt shteched by your OP will be mochel you too, cos when I read it I felt angry even though I rarely post here. People in glasss houses shouldnt …

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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