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    Doing my best

    I’ve seen/heard R’ Chaim quoted in many places as saying that the use of internet is assur to the point of yaarog v’al yaavor.
    So I was wondering if he knows that all the campaigns that he give support to (including R’ Shlomo’s) campaign heavily using the internet!
    I’m not saying you shouldn’t donate, I’m just making an interesting point.


    I’m just making an interesting point

    I disagree


    WB Meno.


    Meno, exactly what are you disagreeing with?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I think he’s disagreeing that it’s interesting.

    The OP is actually a misunderstanding of R’ Chaim’s position on the internet, I believe. He doesn’t asser it under all circumstances. Raising funds for a yeshiva, if the internet is used in a responsible manner, would be an example where he doesn’t asser. Since there are many people using the internet in ways and for purposes which are okay, there’s nothing wrong with raising money on the internet.

    Doing my best

    Do you know this or is that what you believe about the internet so you’re assuming that’s what R’chaim said?
    Because I’ve seen him quoted as saying that the internet is yaarog v’aal yaavor period, I’ve never seen him quoted as giving exemptions.


    If it is “Yehereg v’al yaavor”, then it is muttar ONLY for pikuach nefesh …
    Like the cow that fell into a hole on Shabbos … VD”L


    This whole debate over using the internet will become moot within several years since the world is evolving to the point where it will be impossible to function w/o at least minimal internet access. Also, more and more of our lives will interact through an “internet of things” so that our appliances, financial transactions, basic transportation and simple access to and from public facilities will all require some electronic interactions. Of course, you can move to a desert island or create your own “virtual” desert island in the desert where you forego all the basic activities of modern society and live in a virtual cave (or create an incredibly expensive and inefficient set of substitutes for those activities and functions).


    What’s his position on עניי עירך?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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