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    Hi. I’m in charge of coordinating a color war in a school I work in, and I’m wondering if anyone has a cute theme that wouldn’t be too hard for elementary school students (ages 11-14)to work with. Originality would be appreciated!



    How about white & blue? It is Inyonei dYomo with Yom ha’Atzmaut. This would also be a great opportunity to instill the kids with the Chashivus of Tzitzis & explaining to them what we are are lacking without knowledge of the Chalozon blue blooded fish.

    giggle girl

    It all depends on how many teams you need.


    Eish vs. mayim

    Bayis vs. Sadeh

    Moshe vs. Dovid

    Matan Torah vs. Yitzias Mitzrayim

    Colors accordingly Blue always works.


    havdala and kiddush always brought out some creativity!


    I was a captain for the entire school two years ago, and the teams mayim and aish worked very nicely!


    My school did Ruchnius vs Gashmiyus one year— it was very entertaining, to say the least! (That was grades 1-6, with help from teachers.)

    All ones I’ve seen:

    Shemesh vs Yareiach

    Shamayim vs Aretz

    Ketchup vs Mustard

    Pesach vs Shavuos (we did Chanukah vs Purim one year, but that obviously wouln’t work)

    Torah vs Avodah vs Gemilus Chasadim


    Thanks everyone.

    Giggle girl, there will be 2 teams.

    not a mod

    tzititz vs tefilin

    torah vs chesed

    erev vs boker

    shabbos vs yom tov

    brachos vs tefilah


    also we did

    eretz vs mayim

    do chasidish vs litvish

    also we did young vs old


    Thanks everyone! These are great ideas. Now I have to run them by color war captains…hmmm…see we’ll see what THEY have to say about it! Any other themes are welcome.


    Yetzer Tov and Yetzer Hora

    Satmar and Satmar

    Bobov and Bobov

    Aishes Chayil

    Koach vs Moach (one of their slogans was ‘Nestles KOCHO’)

    Maaseh Berieshis vs Yitzias Mitzraim

    chutzah vs Penima

    Bein Adam Lamokom vs Bein Odom Lechaveroh

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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