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    Its this time of year even this prelevant year around, the come-ons that if you donate X we will do Y, this it was that if you donate X they will daven for you at the tomb of Mordechai in Iran, other times its other drivel.
    What gets me is the way they play on the emotions of older singles, childless couple or parents of kids at risk etc.etc.


    Is anyone promising any Uman davening lately?


    It is preferable to donate without a reason. R Yohanan, IIRC in Bava Basra, had a dream that his nephews will lose certain amount of money, and he encouraged them to give tzedokah, and the remaining amount was taken by Roman tax collectors before Rosh Hashona. He did not tell them a reason, preferring for them to donate l’Shma.


    They do it because it works. Be careful with your money – not stingy, just careful.


    huju >Be careful with your money

    you don’t have to be too careful, just a little bit more than with your own money. You would not buy a house based on such representation without doing home inspection, so don’t do the same with porr people’s money. Shmuel’s father was putting orphan’s money between 2 layers of his – to keep from water on the bottom and robbers on the top


    At the risk of sounding callous


    A fool and his money are soon parted.
    Once upon a time, when these organizations were fewer in number, I could be more sympathetic to a poor older single who’d fall for these tactics. They have slick marketing, and know how to play to these unfortunates’ emotions. It’s so easy to believe that the “nissim” stories are true, and of course, it’s all tzedakah, right?
    But nowadays, when every other magazine ad is for a new pop-up tzedakah organization promising refuos and yeshuos if you’ll just write them a check, (see flashy ads above) I think that if you fall for it, it’s on you.


    > I think that if you fall for it, it’s on you.

    Nobody is using tricks that do not work! If the trick does not work, the trickster escalates. So, at the end, if someone is within say lower 10% in resistance skills, he is the mark.


    I just got my 7th robocall today to donate to various tzedoks for Reb Shayla, I see loads of people are making money off of him.


    The idea is to get people to condone frum fraud. How do you combat these people?


    I have a friend that does these rackets. I can’t guarantee that he davens an hour per year.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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