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    If a teacher corrects your test and writes comments, do you read the comments, or do you just look at your grade and throw out the test?

    What do your friends do?


    I always did it shows that they care and I Also spent a ton of time being proactive so I basically expected the comments and if I didn’t get them but got a bad grade I would speak to the teacher anyway. No regrets I graduated with a 3.0 GPA.

    Shopping613 🌠

    I just tgrow it away…but the last time i took a tsst was 1 and half years ago….so when i go back to school i probobly wont do that anymore…..when people get into high school, they start caring


    I graduated a few years ago 🙂 but I used to read and reread and dissect the comments if they were there.


    It’s been a few years but I always was happier when there were comments. It felt like the teacher was on my team. And yes I did read them.


    I wish i would get feedback on my tests.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    I always read them. If it said “please see me” I interpreted that to mean get a good look at her next time she comes in to teach…


    I never throw out my tests. When i get comments, i read them. i enjoy seeing what the teachers have to say about my progress or having ways to improve my work


    I’m sorry, this sort of private messaging posters is not appropriate for this venue.



    I always read comments. A teacher of mine gives the best comments, she writes things like “yay queens people we are so smart” and stuff. Not all comments have to be corrections, a teacher once wrote she never knew that (in a report i wrote)

    Once a teacher wrote please see me and i did and turns out she loved an example i gabe and has a sefer which connects to that topic. Guess what now we learn it together! Teaching isnt just lecturing and grading and by these teachers i see that more and more


    I always loved comments too.


    I always try to read teachers’ comments. The one problem I’ve found is that while teachers complain about my handwriting, I can NEVER read their comments..

    I remember one Ivrit assignment that I passed around to my friends to see if they could figure out what the teacher wrote. Then I brought it to the teacher to ask, and SHE couldn’t read it either.

    Story of my life.


    writersoul: you’re reminding me of a teacher who gave me back a test that I didn’t see a mark on. Then I noticed it was in microscopic handwriting in the corner. I asked her to tell me my mark. She used her roll book – not the paper in my hands…

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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