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    sbh – oh yeah. it’s fajdalom (j is y), not fajas (s is sh). hey i said before i’m HALF fluent! maybe a quarter actually…

    OKKK, i looked it up and once and for all fay means species (the a at the end of the word means its)

    we have analyzed this way too far….


    Papa bar aba wrote “When you go to heaven, Hashem will say, “Did you see my Nigeria?” Even without a Minyan?

    Rav Vosner was asked (Shevet HaLevi 6:21) if it is permissible to vacation in a place where there is no minyan. The writer claimed it should be permitted because the Chiyuv of davening with a Minyan is only in a place that has a minyan. In a place where there is no Minyan, the requirement to daven with a minyan does not exist. He brings proof from Tzadikim who acted this way.



    A. I always bring a minyan.

    B. That may be a chumra.

    C. I have heard in the name of a different rav that it is ok.

    D. I don’t care. I would never vacation anywhere I might meet a frum jew. May as well stay home in South Dakota. (Mods: what happened to my who to vote for in South Dakota thread?) You’re posting from NWU, IL.

    (I know these responses are contradictory. Under Fed. R. Civ. P. 8d3, defenses may be inconsistent. How’d I know that?)

    The chamelon

    I don’t care. I would never vacation anywhere I might meet a frum jew.


    ????? ???? ?? ?? ????, ….. ???? ????? ???? ?????? ????



    see chol hamoed guest.

    With accusations like that flying around, is it any wonder I want to get away from frum jews?





    Deid Unukam-great grandchild






    Nudyan seip-Very pretty







    Hush Levesh-CHicken soup

    Finum-very Good

    Nudyan Finum-Delicious

    Ishtenem- hashem




    Nem yo- not good

    nem tudum-i dont know



    Ha! Picked them all up from being around my grandmother’s Aide who only understood hungarian!!


    The phrase I hear alot (when Mrs talks to her mother) is Hoh t’viyak. When asked, she said it means “whaddya-call-it”,

    Mrs has forgotten the vast majority of her vocabulary, so her conversation is peppered with “waddya-call-its”, fishing for the word that describes what she is trying to say


    I think it means What’s doing..


    Miyushag – how are you

    Chinush – skinny

    Kisinem – thank you

    Kapusta – stuffed cabbage

    someone call?



    I thought whats doing is Mi Chinal.

    And the reply I hear is “shemi” (nothing)

    Pashuteh Yid

    What does the Hungarian word Hutzenplutz mean? Is it similar to Hutzenklutz?



    i luvvv tht word!!!!!!!!!

    except wen my grandmother sez your nem chinosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(not skinny)

    dont we all think of hungarian as an old ladies language?

    well this summer i was in budapest and i hear 2 yr old speakin hungarian…………!!!!!!!!!was hysterical!!!!!!


    shimmel – that’s awesome! yo means okay or good, yes is igen, but otherwise it’s really good! i’m impressed! how long did you have to learn it?

    pashuteh yid – sorry not hungarian! sounds like yiddish to me

    bp totty – waddayacallit is hogy hivyak, u were close enough though! like i said before, Hungarian is VERY hard to say or quote if you don’t know what you’re saying… oh and mit chinals mean what are you doing.

    believer – that’s funny. hey i was once a 2 yr old speaking hungarian!! and yes it was very cute!

    btw everyone, chinosh isnt skinny it’s pretty. skinny is shovany. chinosh means like charmingly pretty. believer don’t get offended it can be said about an outfit not just a person 🙂

    so right

    Is Hungarian the most common second-language amongst American or EY Jews (other than English, Yiddish, and Hebrew)?


    Hutzenplutz doesn’t belong to a language. It’s a made up word that means far far away(like mars!)


    Hasenplatz is a atreet in 71083 Herrenberg, Deutschland

    try google for Hasenplatz

    Pashuteh Yid

    I really feel that a forum such as this doesn’t do justice to the complex etymology of the word Hutzenplutz. I am wondering if Hutzenklutz is a grammatical variant of the word, and what the proper usage of each form would be. This really requires months of research at the scholarly level.


    🙂 I learnt relatively quick! When communicating with someone who ONLY knows a diff language you start picking it up..If i’d hang around her a little longer i’d learn a bit more 🙂

    i’m far younger than hungarian speaking age…..rather closer to teenage than middle age.. 😉

    What does black mean in hungarian? that word just slipped my mind..


    Black in hungarian is Fekete as per

    Sorry I cannot help you with the pronunciation as per smile66

    Ben Torah

    You can also go to to translate English-Hungarian or Hungarian-English (or Yiddish-Hungarian for that matter!) It even reads or displays it phonetically or transliterated.


    Its pronounced like the name Fekete… 🙂


    Is Shimmel a real name? I am trying to find descendants of an Hungarian Schimmel family with no luck.


    I think it is! although i’m not sure its hungarian 😉


    Is it just me or Hungarian sounds a lot like Farsi (persian)?


    Chungarian with the Ches Sound it means Hungarian, in Hungarian.

    (:-0 LOL! Sometimes I crack myself up!)


    Saygec Arosz – kind of the kanoi equivalent of We Want Moshiach Now and too holy to be written in anything but Ingarisch

    Nagy Szar – well, this is something you might say when speaking respectfully of Obama, because the real words you would use to describe him are not acceptable here in any language.


    actually, fekete is probably one of the easiest words to explain pronunciation of. all the “e”s are pronounced as the “e” in bed. now that wasn’t too hard!

    bein hasdorim – huh? theres no ches sound in hungarian. what did i miss?


    saygecaroszbacsi – saygec? that can’t be original hungarian is it? the spelling is totally unhungarian…

    lol about the obama thing. we should have them put that into all the new hungarian phrase dictionaries

    ps i like the 2nd part of ur name – a rosz basci, I’m sure we’re all here for you if you ever want to confess your sins


    smiles66 ?????? ????? was the battle cry of a segement of a certain strife ridden community. I believe that now that the 2 factions are now established in their own Mosods & Kehilos that term belongs in oblivion,

    here is SaygecAroszBacsi’s profile & you csn see how relevant remarks are


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    so Saygec A rosz Bacsi would translate as Shygetz the bad uncle


    ahh that makes a lot more sence, i knew it wasnt hungarian.

    shloimies shver i wasnt meaning to say that saygec didnt know what he’s talking about, i was more like stating a question.

    Btw bacsi doesnt really mean uncle, literally. Thats just the word they put after the uncle’s name, like Gyuri bacsi, Yankel bacsi, etc. The exact word for uncle is nagybacsi. The word bacsi when used generally, refers to an older man (if youre a kid, men in their 30s pass as bacsis too.)

    So generally, when you say “rossz basci” it means bad man. Which is why i told him can confess to the cr if he wants to.


    LOL yes I was having some fun. Saygec Arosz is shygetz arois – and I am about as Hungarian as a bottle of Stolichnaya.

    But looks like my prank semi-backfired – so what I said is that a shygetz is a bad man?!?!?!

    Writing to you from my new beis medrash (besz medras) here on Nagyszar Utca in Beedapesht, I remain…

    Now for some really interesting stuff:

    the word medve is very similar to the Russian medved and clearly has Slavic roots.

    and the Russian word for cabbage is kapusta as well


    ?????? ????? was the battle cry of a segement of a certain strife ridden community. I believe that now that the 2 factions are now established in their own Mosods & Kehilos that term belongs in oblivion,

    While the cry of ?????? ????? is outdated, sadly, the machloikes continues as it has morphed into taking sides in a much more fierce machloikes that has superseded the original one.


    smile66 – I have had the same experience but in Spanish. A clearly intoxicated or drugged man in Manhattan told his friend upon seeing me – Que judio cabron – which would be – oy a yid a mamzer.

    I turned around and said, Si, pero un cabron que habla Espanol – yes, but a mamzer who speaks Spanish.

    He was too far gone to even hear what I said :).

    I once had a problem with ElAl in CDG Airport in Paris, and as I knew I would get nowhere, just to give them a hard time I refused to speak French and made their local “customer service” personnel speak English to me. Suffice it to say that I translated everything they said behind my back when I sent ElAl a (useless) complaint letter.

    While I don’t think it should be done in a tryfe university setting, it is very important to learn at least one major foreign language (of course Ingarisch is the real mameloshen and therefore not foreign, or as Michoel Schnitzler – (Snicler Miklos bacsi) – once said, when I got off the plane in Beedapesht I called my mother and told her it was a mokoim koidesh because everyone was speaking Hungarian!)

    Ben Torah

    ben torah – hol? itt?

    Ben Torah

    Pont itt, most!

    Ben Torah

    Ben Torah & smile66


    Topic and tone 5 – Please try to post in a language somewhat resembling English

    = An atemt to ranslate a Possuk in Tehilim (which one?) about singing the priases os Hashem

    hol? itt? = where? right here?

    Pont itt, most! = right here, now!

    Sorry for intruding on your private conversation !!

    Ben Torah !! Maybe if you were not so busy with trivia you would have time to look up an Halocha in the original or ask a competent Rav.

    I am an IBS sufferer and cannot always learn


    No one’s saying you shouldnt be here when trying to be helpful to Shloimys shver. But how can I be helpful?

    Ben Torah
    Ben Torah

    Are we having an identity crisis?

    Well,since Helpful has been a Member Since August 20, 2009 (1 year)than maybe I should morph & stop trying to be him.


    Two bottles of real Szarkonosvary barackpalinka (available at your local boltba under the name Hercules Clobber) to whoever can correct the errors in this document which was sent to me by the official historiographer of the noble city of Szarkonosvary:

    Ben Torah

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