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    When beginning the Amidah, people should take their steps backwards and forwards, then stop moving their feet before starting the psukim “ki shaim” and “Hashem sfosai.”

    old man

    Hatov ki lo chaLU (mil’ra) rachamecha,

    v’hamerachem ki lo SAmu (mil’el)


    Here’s another one for you:

    Right before Az Yashir we have the passuk (Shmos 14:31):

    ???????? ?????????? ???-?????? ??????????, ?????? ?????? ?????? ????????????, ??????????? ?????, ???-??????; ?????????????, ????????, ??????????, ????????

    Note the two yuds in the word ???????????. That makes the sh’va under the reish into a sh’va na. Thus the word should be pronounced Vayir’u (as opposed to Vayiru).

    It changes the meaning of the word. The word, as written means “and they feared” (or, perhaps “were awed”). If you pronounce it as Vayiru (with a sh’va nach) it become “and they saw” as in the following passuk later in the same parsha (Shmos 16:15):

    ?????????? ?????-??????????, ??????????? ????? ???-?????? ??? ????–???? ??? ???????, ???-????; ????????? ??????, ???????, ???? ????????, ?????? ????? ?????? ????? ?????????.

    Note that here, the word “Vayiru” has only a single yud. That makes the Sh’va under the resh into a sh’va nach. Here the word means “and they saw.”

    The Wolf


    At least 95% of people phrase the first line of Kaddish incorrectly.

    Most people say:

    “Yisgadal V’Yiskadash Sh’mei Raboh, B’alma Di V’ra Chir’useih V’Yamlich Malchuseih…”

    The correct phrasing of the first line is:

    “Yisgadal V’Yiskadash Sh’mei Raboh B’alma Di V’ra Chir’useih (COMMA!!) V’Yamlich Malchuseih…”

    (Granted, we say Amen in the middle of the line, but it should still be phrased correctly)


    My pet peeves: I have heard more often than I care to mention the shailiach tzibbur saying “ga-al Yisroel” rather than “go-ail Yisroel” om chazaras hashatz. Also, this is not on wording but I have also noticed quite often the shaliach tzibbur remaning bowed saying Hashem after “Borchu” rather than standing erect. I have seen this most often among yeshiva bochurim. (Yes, I purposely watch out for this) I wonder if they are ever taught how to daven properly.


    Not sure how you would know that – 29

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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