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    d a

    I composed a song that would be very good for Uncle Moishy (you know that guy? He sings Hashem Is Truly Everywhere! whatever…). Anyways, does anybody know how I would be able to get it to him? Did anyone in the CR ever do this type of thing?

    d a

    my post didnt get posted :(. lets try again.

    Does anybody have any other helpful tips?


    Hashem Is Everywhere: I am not a mod, but please now delete your email address by editing your own post!(You have 5 min to use the edit button!)

    simcha man

    Phone: (718) 854-6902 or (212) 724-9351

    Fax: (212) 362-8723

    e-mail: [email protected]

    web: or

    d a

    alright, Hashem, I’ll try to do it tomorrow. you dont want to see any songs i write at this time!

    asdfghjkl, this thread was between me and Hashem Is Everywhere. We went 10 post without anyone else disturbing us!!!

    d a

    simcha man, thanks! i”ll work on it! do you know how much songs go for ($)?


    Ok, d a

    d a

    you got my screenname right!!!!



    d a

    Now its time to say Shalom, d a got to go home, but he’ll be back again, Im Yirtza Hashem is here, Hashem is there…

    I feel like I’m 3 years old!!!! That reminds me, on Purim I walked around with a bib, a paci (sic) and a sippy (Tzippy) cup filled with red “milk” whatever!!!



    d a

    Hashem Is Everywhere: i edited my past post. check it out!

    d a

    to asdfghjkl, I hope I didn’t offend you. I was very hyper. I am sorry. Please be mochel me.

    simcha man

    d a, sorry, I have no idea how much songs go for. (I’m not an official song writer.) Good Luck!


    d a: Apology accepted, although none was needed! Just keep to the CR Rules 😉

    tomim tihye

    Can we turn this thread into “Wacky Rhymy Thingys” (which pop into our heads when we’re either with our kids or stam hyper)?

    Hook and I went for a walk

    Hook and I had a nice talk

    Hook and I decided to buy

    A hook and eye-

    What a surprise!

    (This ingenious poem(?) was inspired tonight by my daughter’s discovery of the brand new hook and eye on my bedroom door.)

    d a

    tomim tihye, your nuts!!!

    tomim tihye

    Yeah, thanks to my kids. But, HA, look who’s talking!

    d a

    I came up with this song:

    TTTO: I Love You from my best friend Barney!!!

    I like dogs,

    I like cats,

    I am scared of flying bats.

    With a great big ROAR (make real lion sound)

    From a lion or two,

    We had fun

    (yell:) AT THE ZOO!!!

    Its a great song to get the whole family into on the way back from the zoo on (Wednesday) Chol HaMoed!

    Composed by: d a

    d a

    How about this one:

    TTTO Chag Purim or Purim Day, Purim Day

    Purim Day, Purim Day,

    we get lots of tummy aches,

    it doesn’t rhyme,

    but that is fine,

    cause its Purim Day.

    Lets eat some candy, yum yum yum.

    Lets drink some wine, gulp gulp gulp.

    Lets have a party, munch munch munch

    On Purim Day!!!

    Composed by: yitz711

    d a

    On Purim, I ran around Flatbush, singing:

    TTTO: I am a Gummy Bear or Lipa’s Ich Hub Ah Teddy Bear

    I have a sippy cup, a tzippy sippy cup, a sippy tzippy sippy sippy sippy cup…

    tomim tihye

    Now, THAT’S a song! Too bad no Wed Chol Hamoed coming up. Maybe we should get membership and go Thurs just to sing this song!

    d a

    I went with a special ed school to the zoo and sang it on the way back. The bus was going wild!!!

    Thanks to BFM for the idea to the song (she was trying to write a book and I ended up composing that song!)

    d a

    Just out of curiosity, do any other people make up wacky songs? If yeah, post them!

    tomim tihye

    I’ve been singing this nightly to my kids for years.

    TTO: “You Are My Sunshine”

    I love my cutie pies

    My special kinderlach

    I am so happy

    To be with them

    For (fill in all names)

    Every day I say thank you to Hashem!

    (I overheard my 4-year old singing this to calm the baby!)

    d a

    I wasn’t sure what tune “You Are My Sunshine” is (I’m a frummy!) so I searched it and to let you know that that is also a tune to Modeh Ani


    To the person who asked how much songs go for…it’s really your call,it’s intellectual property,so it depends if you are giving the person permanent ownership of the song or just permission to sing it. it depends if you are also giving an original tune,etc.for years i sold my stuff for practically nothing.i now see it all depends how much you feel it’s worth and how important it is to you to either just get your song out there for the publicity or if you’re willing to hold out for a great the way about 20 years ago i had the privilege of writing a song for michoel streicher.(wasn’t a hit,but fun to sing)the tune was borrowed from one of his sources.


    what? i thought everyone knows you are my sunshine!



    minyan gal

    I have been posting on the limerick thread but for some reason this parody popped into my head over the past couple of days and I cannot stop singing it.

    Yankel Dovid (to the tune of Yankee Doodle)

    Yankel Dovid went to town

    To buy a new menorah

    Was so proud of what he’d done

    He had to dance a hora.


    Yankel Dovid doodle-do

    Yankel dressed so dandy

    But like many Jewish men

    Around the house – not handy.

    Yankel bought mezzuzot new

    To place upon his doorpost

    After hammering his thumb

    His project – it became toast. (chorus)

    Yankel told his shaina veib

    So long, I will see ya

    Have to be at shul on time

    I’m honored with aliyah. (chorus)

    Yankel went up on his roof

    His ladder was not sturdy

    Now his leg is in a cast

    The sight it isn’t purty. (chorus)

    Yankel’s learned his place his shul

    It is where he’s most handy

    And on Shabbat he loves his job

    He gives the kids some candy. (chorus)

    minyan gal

    This silly song will NOT leave my head and new verses keep popping in. I am adding 3 more and I invite you all to post more. It is very easy and we can make this the longest song ever written.

    Yankel’s wife she said to him

    Hock mir nisht a chainek

    Go and see the eineklech

    Especially the kleinek. (chorus)

    Yankel bought a bicycle

    So he could be more greener

    After wobbling he fell

    His suit’s now by the cleaner. (chorus)

    Yankel joined the frummer gym

    So he could be more fitter

    Wrenched his back in traction now

    His shul needs a pinch hitter. (chorus)


    here is a chorus to a ballad i wrote a few months ago:

    Good times,right around the corner

    Good times,right around the bend

    Good times,may be on the way so-

    Don’t give up-it ain’t the end.

    Please do not plagerize(however you spell it).it’s invisible gezel.

    i’m posting it cuz the words should give chizuk.sorry can’t give you “to the tune of”- it’s original.

    minyan gal

    More Yankel Dovid

    Yankel’s fetter Pinchus came

    To spend a Yontiff freilach

    They drank so much that when they danced

    It was with Elimelech. (chorus)

    Yankel’s wife she said to him

    You are a bissel tippish

    You got confused and you have done

    Birchot before the Kiddush. (chorus)

    Yankel lay upon his bed

    To chup little dremmel

    Woke with a start when by his side

    A vision of Avremel. (chorus)

    Yankel told his little boy

    Go find the affikomen

    Tatty that will be next month

    Tonight it’s about Haman. (chorus)


    Minyan- oh wow i am laughinhg so hard! Amazing talent, i dont think im as good as you. Right now i cant think of anything yet but i”h ill put sometthig in!


    its not as good as yours but heres this

    Yankel Dovid went to shul

    To perfect his kriya

    His concentration was intense

    He missed his fourth aliya

    minyan gal

    Blinky, thanks. It is terrific – made me laugh out loud, which is a rare thing for me to do while sitting alone at my computer. I don’t know what made me think of the darn thing in the first place. On Saturday I kept thinking of new verses and because I couldn’t write them down until after dark, I had to keep singing them so I wouldn’t forget the words. More verses may be coming.


    minyan- dont ask, last night just as i was going to sleep the tune was in my head! Glad you liked it, ill try to think of more I”H.


    I’m so glad that this thread was revived. I was thinking of a new thread similar to this, just this morning, and your line (the tune was in my head) gave me the push to post it.


    minyan- here is another one, both lines rhyme:)

    Yankel Dovid walked through town

    Quiet and very eidel

    All the time his head was down

    And bumped right into a meidel OUCH!

    minyan gal

    Here is today’s contribution.

    Yankel thought he should be asked

    To Kate and Willie”s wedding

    When no invite from the Queen arrived

    He said she’s old and she’s forgetting.

    Yankel and his wife went out

    To do a little fressin’

    When he saw the menu’s price

    He said – just drinks, no essen.

    Yankel took a holiday

    He went to see Las Vegas

    When he returned he wept and said

    It should be called Lost Wages.

    Yankel thought he’d help his wife

    He tried to set the table

    Knives on left, forks to the right

    He really wasn’t able.

    Yankel met with the Chazzan

    For help with his Haftorah

    When he was done the Chazzan said

    You’re great – kein ein a hora.

    Yankel opened up his door

    There stood old Auntie Fruma

    The look upon his face said all

    He wished t’were cousin Bluma.

    Yankel told his buddy Abe

    I’m going to leig tefillin

    Wrapped too tight, his arm turned blue

    Removed before Tehillim.


    very funny!


    Minyan- i made these up last night (some in the shower:) let me know what you think.

    Yankele dons his shluff kappel

    Gutte nacht he wishes everyone

    He starts to lein kriyas shema

    But is asleep before he’s done.

    In the morgen he awakes (chorus)

    Modeh ani he does does pray

    neggel vasser does come next

    to start off the new day.

    After davening Yankele learns

    he shteigs for very long

    miishnayos and gemara

    And studies right from wrong.

    At 12 noon his boich is empty (chorus)

    He needs a burst of koach

    His aishes chayil made him lunch

    To start again his moach.

    When the Tag comes to a close

    He walks back to his house

    He feeds and bathes his kinderlach

    And spends time with his spouse.

    Yankele wants to sleep again (chorus)

    And end this silly rhyme

    It was very fun to write

    Maybe more next tome!!!!

    P.S. please excuse my yiddish i hope it makes sense!!!

    minyan gal

    BPT: Thank you very much (taking a bow).

    Blinquie: Using your more formal name in honor of Shabbat. Your verses are terrific. Amazing how the tune sticks, isn’t it. I have a bunch of new verses but no time to post now, so will wait until motzie Shabbat.

    And again, Shabbat Shalom to all.


    You’re welcome,MG. But to be honest, the compliment was for Blinky’s “Yankee doodle” post.

    But I liked your too!

    Here’s my shot (ttto “I’m a little tea pot”)

    I’m a kalla maidel

    Sweet and smart

    Temimusdik from end to start

    My bahsert will be here any day

    I’H without delay!

    minyan gal

    More Yankel Dovid

    Yankel bid Chavah adieu

    I’m off to pick up Maish

    We thought that for a little change

    We’ll daven heint by Aish.

    Yankels on a diet strict

    But he wants a meichel

    Wheres Chavelah I know she hides

    The halvah in her teichel.

    Yankels on the floor again

    He slipped while doing dishes

    A better sense of balance

    Should be one of his big wishes.

    Yankel’s little girl grew up

    Today she is a kallah

    First he’ll walk her down the aisle

    Then he’ll bentch the challah.

    Yankel thought he’d paint the fence

    It had started peeling

    His wife said “practice first on that”

    Then you can do the ceiling.

    Yankel and his wife looked out

    Upon their lovely garden

    He said “if we were only French

    It would be called a jardin.”

    Yankel bought some boimel pure

    So he could light menorahs

    His wife said “we’ll use e-lec-tric

    I don’t want any tsorres.”

    Yankels a poor handyman

    He’s not a Mr. Fix-it.

    He didn’t know that when you paint

    First you have to mix it.

    Yankel thought he’d learn to skate

    And efsher play some hockey

    His balance poor, he slipped, he fell

    His future’s looking rocky.

    Yankel needs to lose some weight

    His booch keeps getting bigger

    Of course he blamed it all upon

    The cooking of his shvigger.


    “I’m a kalla maidel”– BPT really? And thanx for the compliment:)

    Heres an addition to yours:

    A kalla meidel

    thats me stam

    he has to be kind

    and have some ta’am

    Emunah and bitachon keeps me going

    So for good news i am hoping

    Minyan- really good!!!! I like the tichel one and the shvigger!

    minyan gal

    The Last of Yankel Dovid

    Yankel went to see his doc

    He wasn’t feeling chipper

    The doctor said there’s nothing wrong

    You’ll recover by Yom Kippur.

    Yankel’s lawyer called him up

    And said there is some trouble

    Your accountant’s gone to jail

    And now you must pay double.

    Yankel bought a clarinet

    He wants to be a klezmer

    When he played they sighed

    But they really meant oy veiz mir.

    Yankel’s tooth se toot him vay

    His head is just a klupping

    He doesn’t have a dentist

    So for one he must go shopping.

    Yankel went to Glasgow town

    He wants to buy a kilt

    He located Jewish tartan

    And his kilt can now be built.

    (btw – there actually IS a Jewish tartan – designed by a Chabad Rabbi and approved by the official tartan society. See it on


    Yankel said he’d help his wife

    He tried to wash the dishes

    She inspected and replied

    “There’s remnants from the knishes.”

    Yankel signed an IOU

    So money he could borrow

    On the day the note was due

    He said “I’ll pay tomorrow.”

    Yankel loves to get down low

    And play with kleine kinder

    And if you cannot love him now

    You really are a blinder.

    Yankel davens with delight

    He knows Hashem can hear him

    His kavanah is truly great

    It is what does endear him.

    Yankel says his song is done

    He’s told his long sad story

    A man with little mazel

    But a neshamah filled with glory.


    I think this thread should be called “Yankel Dovid composed songs” 🙂

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