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    Does anyone know if the following two medications are kosher for Pesach 2013:

    1. Methylphenadate ER 54mg TAB (generic Concerta extended release)

    2. Methylphenadate HC TAB 10mg (generic Ritalin)

    R’ Blumenkrantz’s book is unclear. It lists as kosher for Pesach:

    – Methylphenadate HCL ER TABS (MAL)

    – Methyphenadate HCL ER CAOS (TEV)

    – Concerta (OMJ)

    This is understandably an urgent matter and if anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


    Those letters in parentheses are the manufacturer. I assume there is a glossary of abbreviations in the book.

    For example, I am confident that TEV is Teva.

    So look on your bottle and see what company is making your pills, and then see if it is one of those 3.


    My Methylphenadate HC TABS are made by MAL,but they are NOT ER.

    And my Methylphenadate ER TABS are NOT made by TEV.

    Still unsure on both, especially since brand name Concerta (OMJ) is listed as kosher for pesach, and my pharmacy told me that the generic and the brand name contain the same ingredients.However my generic Concerta is made by Watson, not OMJ.

    Has anyone else been using these medications, and if so have you recieved a clear answer on their status?



    Call a Rabbi! Call your Rov and if he doesn’t know he can call someone who does. Also you can download Rabbi Bess’s list of approved medications.


    I don’t know if you know this or even if I have it right, but it seems that Rabbi Blumenkrantz’s book is just listing the particular manufacturers of the generic. Is there any way for you to find out which manufacturer made the particular generic pills that you have? If it’s not on the pill, you can probably call the pharmacist and ask. Otherwise, ask a Rov. I would be surprised if there’s any reason not to take them since it’s obvious that the actual chemical doesn’t involve chometz, since Rabbi Blumenkrantz certifies it from another manufacturer.

    ETA: TL;DR – what everyone else said, but less comprehensible.


    The CRC of Chicago says that all pill medicine that is swallowed is ok, even if it contains some amount of chometz.

    I rely on that l’chatchila, but even if you for some reason don’t, I think this situation is b’dieved enough that you can rely on it. Or at least if you can’t find out and presumably would have a problem getting other ones.


    I called my pharmacy (owned by frum yidden) and they said they were told by R’ Blumenkrantz (or his sons) none of their medications were chometz. However, these specific prescriptions were not filled by this pharmacy, but by Rite Aid…

    The codes on my prescriptions are:

    Methylphenidate ER TAB- Watson

    Methyphenidate HC TAB- MAL

    I’m hesitant to rely on a heter.

    Where can I download R’ Bess’s list?


    PBA – Al Pi Rov – if one doesn’t know whether drug pills have Chometz or not – one can assume they are just Kitniyos because most are made with corn starch, not other kinds of starch.

    Just as a side note: All of a sudden when it comes to a Kula you hold of the cRc, but you laugh at their P’sak about coffee!


    Health: Their mistake was that they gave the whole megillah behind their psak about coffee and it didn’t make any sense. If they had just said that they investigated and it was a problem, everyone would listen.


    plite: Of course, you should try to follow your own rav regarding whether pills can contain chometz. I was just pointing out that if you can’t get the correct pills, then I think you will be fine anyway, since I am sure your rav would say to rely on this psak b’dieved, even if he doesn’t want to rely on it l’chatchila.

    (Although, the easiest first step is to probably call and ask him if he relies on this psak l’chatchila, in which case you’re done.)


    IT is not just the crc it includes yad avraham YD 84,17 teshuvas ksav sofer 111 Igros Moshe oc2 92 Minchas shlomo2 65.



    There is a kal v’chomer. If in a case where it is muttar they say it is assur, in a case where it is assur, ?? ?? ????

    Also, maybe I asked my rav if I should rely on this?


    plite- what is the company name of your two medications,

    Methylphenadate ER TAB

    Methylphenadate HC TAB


    And do you have Concerta also?-


    Thanks everyone for your help. Does anyone know where I can download R’ Bess’s list?


    Talmud: The company name is:

    Methylphenadate ER TAB made by Watson Labs (generic Concerta extended release)

    Methylphenadate HC TAB made by Mallinnkro (MAL) (generic Ritalin)

    I don’t have brand name Concerta, but the generic is basically the same thing.


    Veltz Meshugener -“Health: Their mistake was that they gave the whole megillah behind their psak about coffee and it didn’t make any sense. If they had just said that they investigated and it was a problem, everyone would listen.”

    Ok, so s/o can just go to Star-K’s website where they say it’s Ossur, w/o a Megilla, L’chatchilla. To Mach Avek (make away) because of the way some guy working for them posted the Psak on the website Is Not a Good idea! I’m quite sure it wasn’t the Av Bais Din who posted it on their webpage. So anybody who has a drop of Yiras Shomayim can just call their Av Bais Din or R’ Heineman and discuss why it’s Ossur L’chatchilla. I’m sure they know S’A as well as anybody here in the CR.


    It’s too late, Health. Once the cat is out of the bag, there’s no putting all the feathers back in the pillowcase. But they should bear this in mind next time they want to assur something. Do it like the OK did with TJ Chocolate chips, which, after people finally figured out what was going on, turned out to be less cholov stam than previously imagined and yet people apparently are noheg that they’re cholov stam.


    I don’t think you can download R’ Bess’s list online, you’ll have to call them. Google Kehilas Yaakov and that’s their website. It says you have to contact them to receive a list. I have the booklet in front of me and it says

    Methylphenidate Tablet made by Malinckrodt/tyco,

    concerta tablets made by Ortho-Mcneil Jannsen.



    Does it specify if the Methylphenidate tablets made by Malinckrodt are regular or ER?

    And does it say anything about Methyphenadate ER made by Watson?


    I know someone who asked this question. As of now, although the Concerta is being packaged by different labels due to pharmaceutical company issues, the generic is exactly the same as the original in the United States.

    In Canada, the generic for Concerta is produced differently and you would have to check. This is relatively recent. But the regular is definitely fine (by whoever first produced it, I don’t know who.)


    It doesn’t specify whether regular or ER, it just says Methylphenidate Tablet. And it doesn’t mention the one made by Watson.


    Torah613Torah: So that means that is the book lists Concerta as fine, then my generic version would be fine as well, right? (I live in the US).

    The issue is, my generic is ER (extended release. Would you know if this has a different status?

    Also, I’ve heard before that Ritalin contains outright chometz, regardless of manufacturer. Can anyone back this up?


    Yeshivaguy45: Ok. Thanks for taking the time to look that up for me.


    Methylphenadate is listed in the Passover Guide by Kollel Los Angeles.

    How about asking them to place you on their mailing list, so that next year thou receive their pamphlet in a timely manner as I do each year, timely manner usually being the week immediately following Purim.


    Plite: All Concerta is ER, that’s how it differs from Ritalin.

    It is synthesized in the laboratory. I have no idea how it could possibly be chametz based on my reading of the Wikipedia article.


    147 Popa, Torah 613, Yeshivaguy, Talmud, and everyone else who took the time to respond to my post:

    This was my first time posting in the CR and I want to thank you all for helping me out. This place leaves a good impression.

    Chag Kosher V’Sameach!

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