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    I Would like to share an insight I saw many years ago from Rav Yonnason Eibeshetz Zt”l.

    The torah says that shimon and levi killed the pepole of shechem when they were weak on the third day after they had a bris.

    Asks R’ Yonnason why did they have to wait till the pepole of shechem after they had a bris, it is explained in the medrash that the whole country of egypt were terrified when the shevatim came there, so why did they wait to kill the city of shechem until after they had a bris.

    The answer is, if you kill a non jew the whole world will uproar, so they waited till they had a bris, and then considerd jews, then killed them, and the world silenced…

    oot for life



    Similarly, the Gemara explains that a Roman officer admitted that the reason they don’t wipe out all the Jews is becuase not all of them are in Roman controlled lands, and to kill only those under their rule would give them a bad name, a murderous regime.

    The question is, if all the Jews were in Roman controlled lands and they would kill them all out, RL, they would have the same bad name. Why is it presented like two sides of the coin. My answer is that if they’d do what they want to the Jews nobody would bat an eyelash. It is only the remainingg Jews that would complain, causing their hosting governments to voice condemnations.


    Arabs have Brissim too. Let’s tell the world that they are really Jews and we won’t have any more criticism!



    The world is smarter than that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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