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    Instead of whining and complaining, does anyone have any constructive ideas how to deal with a similar snow situation? What would you do if you were the Mayor? How would you utilize your Sanitation folks better to better cover the areas needed to be plowed? Also interested in hearing what Chaverim, Shomrim and Hatzalah were doing during the storm? Let’s make this a learning experience for next time.

    I remember last year, after a couple of days of no snow plows, the neighbors all got out at 9 AM and started shoveling, by hand, our street. Then, we all went out and helped others on other streets dig out their cars. Together with other Hatzala and Chaverim members, we dug out police cars, ambulances, and anything we could do.


    I’m sending Bloomberg a link to this thread.


    avi e

    @TMB: Be careful; he might declare that everybody is responsible for shoveling their portion of the street the next time there is a snowstorm!



    I have 3 constructive suggestions:

    1) be sure that each family member (infants and the infirm excluded) have full snow gear (boots, hip lenght coats, hats that cover your ears, long undergarments, wool socks) so that if you do need to go out, you can.

    2)once the weather gets more managable, get your weight in check and start a routine of walking, so if you need to walk 2-3 miles, you can do so without getting a heart attack

    3) plan ahead. If the forcast says snow to hit by 6:00pm, try to be at your destination before the snow hits. Nothing is a rotten as getting stuck on the road in a blizzard.

    With these small steps, you can manage (to some degree) until the snow is under control.


    Well said BP Totty. Spoken like a true totty!



    The grocery store was out of bread by 9:30 am on SUnday Morning. I think people took this thing pretty seriously.



    Kind of late for this but send yeshiva bochurim around to shovel for people who can’t or won’t do it themselves. For those who can’t, the guys will shovel normally. For those who won’t they’ll leave all the snow at the entrances to the house.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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