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    so i got contacts a few months ago and i rlly wana know how long i cud take naps in them… so 1st of all has anyone ever slept a whole nt in them? what happ when u woke up? and how long does e/o nap n them and wake up ok? thankssss!!!


    I take short naps (< 2 hours) in my lenses all the time.

    I fell asleep (for the night) with my lenses in once. My eyes were very dry in the morning. However, once I removed the lenses and moistened my eyes, I was fine.

    The Wolf


    Well first off, the eye doctor will tell you when you first get them that you should take them out for naps, showers, swimming etc. however that doesnt have to be done.

    I have mistakenly slept with them in all night a few times, only noticing it when i can see my alarm clock too clearly!, all that happens is they become very dryed out and almost stuck to your eye so you have to peel it off and imediatey soak it in solution

    For a nap i wouldnt worry, depending on my mood i take them out. if i know im napping for more than 3 hours or so i take them out but not for an hour or two, worst that can happen is that they get sticky and you need to wet them…


    Hi Wolf. Be careful that Shmendrick doesn’t see you in contact lenses. he’ll say you are “poretz geder” for not wearing glasses, as our ancestors did. And then for those who have laser surgery, that’s the pinnacle of “off the derech”.


    Hello purplicious,

    I have worn contacts for over 20 years, and I love them — I miss my peripheral vision when I am in glasses, and with my contacts I can still see clearly underwater when I swim with goggles on. Some brands are designed for 24-hour wearing for a certain number of days or weeks, but I am guessing that yours are not. My experience with the napping and sleeping overnight in contacts is like Wolfish Musings’. I change pairs every 2 weeks. I find that, by the mid-to-late evening, my eyes tend to feel dry, even if I haven’t slept in my contacts, at which point I tend to switch to my glasses unless I go to sleep. Hope this helps! 🙂


    After several experiences of trying to remove dry lenses and scratching my eye (not the cornea, b”H), I would suggest that if you accidentally sleep in them or if your eyes feel dry, first moisten them and then remove the lenses.

    I think, as aurora77 said, that it depends on the brand of the lenses. I really miss my lenses.


    hi everyone thanks for all ur answers!! so someone told me that she once by mistake fell asleep in her contacts and woke up and was bliind for 3 days.. now thats rllly scary!! i guess it depends on how dry each persons eyes r… did anyone ever fall asleep in them and was blind for the next few days?


    Part of the problem with falling asleep with the lenses on is that they might not get a “lengthy solution soak” if you sleep longer than intended. Some people alternate between two pairs (and keep it for 4 weeks instead of 2) to prevent this, since the other pair is always fresh and hydrated.

    However if your eyes are dry you’ll still need to wear glasses instead.


    Personally I would never ever sleep in contacts…. it is just not worth the risk of developing a bad infection. The blind story sounds a little exaggerated but I do know for a fact someone who overslept in them and ended up in the hospital because of a bad infection. Just take the extra time to take them out- it is worth it.


    I used to have contacts. Like everyone is saying, they’ll usually be really dried out come morning and you’ll need to put them in the solution to rehydrate/clean them. The worst case scenario is that they get lost in your eyeball and you need to fish them out from where they’re hiding. I don’t think it’s dangerous, but it feels weird until you get it out.

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