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    you should post where you get your tidbits from.

    besides the fact we don’t know if it comes from a reliable source, in this case daily halacha.

    it’s also brought down that it’s to be done. (learnt from Esther she quoted Mordecai)


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    KSA (139:12) apparently rules that L’Yisrael is l’chatchila, and L’Avoiteinu is b’dieved. I heard elsewhere that current practice is that a ger always says the same brochos as a Jew by birth l’chatchila, but I don’t remember the source off the top of my head.

    so right

    So, l’chatchila, should a child of two converts also say L’Yisrael, since both his parents are converts? And if only one parent is a convert does that change what is l’chatchila (per KSA)?


    BTW, I think one authority that is used to say that gerim say the same brochos is represented in Rambam Hilchos Bikkurim 4:3 (ruling that a ger says the parshah of bikkurim b/c Abraham is his spiritual father).

    KSA doesn’t seem to rule on the children of gerim explicitly, so I don’t know what he would rule. Nire-li, if there is a doubt whether “L’Yisrael” would be yotzei, but “L’Avoteinu” would be yotzei either l’chatchila or b’dieved, a child born to a ger should say “L’Avoteinu” even based on the ruling in KSA (and of course this probably would also satisfy the opinion that everyone must say the same thing).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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