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    Due to popular demand, we will be skipping spring and summer this year.

    Shticky Guy


    It seems the Copenhagen Conference have imported the Prague Golem to be their organizer


    As their official spokesgolem, I’m glad to report, there has been an reversal of direction. Our council of climate control has agreed that there is enough ice in the farrukte corners of this planet, so that we can resume the normal season changes. We will allow for a spring and summer season, this year. Of course, we will be closely monitoring the rising CO2e levels of the planet, CFCs and any other unidentifiable substances in our atmosphere.

    Thank you for you understanding and cooperation.


    Let's Talk About

    If that’s the game you want to play

    Little Froggie

    Oh, time (long overdue) to bump this one.

    (actually OPs original s/n was “The Golem Speaks”, user changed it to this one – forgot why – maybe just for fun). Oh, that was another of my short term s/n. There goes. Spilled it!!!

    ps And the peoplach here never “chapped” the s/n – a Golem by definition cannot speak. (and let us say, once more) Oh!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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