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    Can anyone verify a Rav that has given them a Psak that they can copy cd’s or pirate. If yes, than you are definitely allowed to go by that I guess. (I have not found myself that psak yet, although I’ve heard many people say “MY RAV” told me I can do it.) Wondering who those Rabbonon are? I’m sure there are a few. Anyone have names?


    cb1- my rav (a well known posek) said that I can make copies of music providing that I wasn’t planning on buying the cd in the first place. For ex: let’s say I decided that I want to copy the latest Hasc cd and I know I would not buy it otherwise then I am allowed to copy it. I think he told me that the reasoning is that the cd owner (don’t know what they’re called, whoever the $ from the cd goes to)will not be losing money from me since I wasn’t planning on buying the cd anyway.


    Rav Yaakov Shapiro shlita, of Bayswater, said if you can say with 100% ruthless honesty that you would not have bought the music if you couldn’t copy it, you can copy it.


    There is no question that you can copy music from a source you have a right to (such as a CD you purchased) to a different source to facilitate your personal use (such as to an MP3). So I’m sure any Rav would say that is not a problem.

    The issue is whether you can borrow a CD someone else owns (or an MP3 download someone else purchased), and make a copy in order to avoid paying for the CD (while returning the original to the person who paid for it), in spite of a copyright statement on the CD that says “no copying without producer’s permission, and in a situation where it is reasonable assume the copyright holder expects to get paid in part since the copyright holder is probably selling the material at this very moment(excluding something that is long since unavailable such as when you take a vinyl record form the 1930s and copy it so you can use it, and where the music is not being produced by anyone else).

    However if you want to hear that it is permitted to freely copy, make sure to ask only about items you paid for or are not commercially available, since otherwise you’ll find a hard time getting a heter.

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    My rav usually means my yetzer hara


    ik that if you own the cd and want to copy it to have multiple copies(for car, house, second car, ipod, etc) you are allowed to. also i heard that you can copy a goy’s since you are allowed to steal from a non jew(i personally dont like this) but anyway wouldn’t you want to give parnasah to a jewish guy who relies on people buying his music for parnasah?


    also i heard that you can copy a goy’s since you are allowed to steal from a non jew

    You are not allowed to steal from a non-Jew.


    So, if I was absolutely certain I wouldn’t buy the coat you’re wearing I can steal yours. Theft is theft


    I agree with lesschumras. Maybe there is a logical reason for allowing it, but that one’s not it.

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    It is definitely 100% assur – PROHIBITED – to steal from a non-Jew. Internet forums are not the place to “paskan shailos”. Tons of false information gets thrown around.


    You may copy what you own to have more than one copy available, but you may not copy it in order to sell it to someone else without the express written permission of the person who owns the rights to it (and who would be foolish enough to give such permission, when they are trying to make a parnassah selling their music?).


    I will not copy music illegally — whether some Rav tells me that it’s permitted or not. Period.

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    Just because something is Mutar doesnt mean you should do it, I bet if you asked the Rabbanim who do say its Mutar if they themselves would do it, I would guess that 90-100% of them would say no.

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