Corona is another step in our long Golus. A nisayon, not a rejection.

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    While we all wonder why exactly our dor is facing this midas Hadin of Corona it bears to remember that major world events aren’t necessarily directly tied to our madreiga. There are cheshbonos in shomayim that span centuries & millennia. While some people have blamed the dor of the Holocaust for the Aveiros they committed, others like Rav Hutner held that it was a part of the tzaros of Galus & we can’t pin it on any one group of people or generation. Rav Shach also stated about the Holocaust that the Ribono shel Olom is Maarich Aff & can wait long periods of time before exercising the midas Hadin.
    B”H this no holocaust at all but it is enough of a world changing event to assume that this has a larger message & intent, not just for ourselves but for generations to come.
    Our response is, of course, to do teshuva & daven because ultimately Hashem is calling to us. We were chosen to hear this shofar blow & should take it as a call from Hashem to return to him. But it may not be Hashem’s rejection of our Avodah. This is a stepping stone along the bitter path of Golus & we just don’t know why it is happening. This is a nisayon that’s challenging us in many ways but not necessarily a rejection of our Avodas Hashem. Some have taken the position that Hashem thrown us out of his Shul (because of talking etc.), I wonder if Hashem wants to see us grow without the support of having a Shul, He’s sent us out to grow even more! (Many of us don’t talk in Shul yet we were sent out)

    Reb Eliezer

    הנסתרות לה’ אלקינו look what Rashi says on it, if you don’t do things that you are responsible, I will judge c’v the majority. Its like being in a ship and boring a hole under your seat. You end up sinking the ship.


    @Haimy, do you come with English translation for the rest of us who live here on planet earth in the year 2020? We have some real problems to deal with, and could use some rational thinking and useful productive behavior. Unless you are a philosopher sitting on a stone or an Oracle sitting on a mountain, you are welcome to come down here and help us. Because a lot of people are dying, and many more are very sick, and oodles are being hurt by the economy and families are being negatively affected now and likely into the near future.

    Join us. Help us with some practical contributions.

    Little Froggie

    Haimy, Nice piece. Thank you!

    Jerusalem observer

    You end up sinking the ship because that is what the Borei Olam has decided should happen. You are simply His shaliach


    Unommin: “We have some real problems to deal with, and could use some rational thinking …”

    Sorry sir, rational thinking is usually belittled here. You can read it from time to time in minute amounts, but on the whole, it’s drowned out by creative and clever gibberish, such as you commented on.

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