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    The Frumguy

    I just found out that Yeshiva Chaim Berlin is closed by order of the Rosh Yeshiva, shlita.
    Why do you think Hashem would effectively do away with our Tefillah B’Tzibur and so much Limud Hatorah?


    Don’t blame Ha-Shem. The virus is a a bad case of flu. The goyim over overreacted, perhaps since their literature and culture loves “end of the world” stories, and perhaps since no one remembers what real epidemics were like. The damage is self-inflicted. In a rational world, they would allow more teleworking, but wouldn’t close anything, and would tell the sick and elderly to be careful, just as they do in flu season.

    Someone in Monsey

    My sense of things is this: When Yidden are learning Torah and fulfilling Hashem’s ratzon, we evoke His rachamim and He sends bracha and shalom to the world. For what conceivable reason would He force us to stop learning Torah? There can only be one reason – Hashem, for whatever His purposes are – wants a milchama to occur.

    When Yidden learn Torah well, it’s basically impossible for a war to happen. If, however, there must be a war (and it’s not because of our aveiros), then the Yidden need to cease from learning. So what does Hashem do? He selects a rasha nation as a shaliach to inflict a plague (since Hashem will not afflict us directly, as we are not committing unspeakable aveiros) on the world and Torah is forced to cease. When Torah learning ceases, Hashem becomes angry and, in this case, I believe, war will follow.

    Reb Eliezer

    The Chasam Sofer explains the statement תלמודי חכמים מרבים שלום בעולם there are a fixed amount of conflicts ordained to this world. The more learning occurs, the less wars .

    The Frumguy

    Someone in Monsey, that’s an interesting take.

    akuperma: I certainly am not “blaming” Hashem. Just inquiring that it seems quite extreme to punish us by using Tefillah B’Tzibbur and Limud Hatorah.

    Sam Klein

    Perhaps it’s time for all of us to wake up and face reality and accept the wake up call directly from Hashem the king of Kings and ruler of the world that it’s time for all of klal yisroel together to do serious teshuva achdus and tefilla ASAP.

    This is not a joking situation and thousands have already died just in Italy alone with even thousands more in China where it started. American citizen are already hit with hundreds already dead R”L

    we need to wake up and do serious teshuva achdus and tefilla ASAP together like we did in the ness or Purim and they did in Nineveh as soon as Yonah Hanavi came to tell them they were about to die C”V

    may we all do teshuva ASAP and may everyone stay safe and healthy with your family


    I’m interested in @akuperma’s take on all doctors and medicine. Presumably s/he was one of those that posted on the monster thread last year talking about the horrors of vaccination?

    Anyway, I’m not going to argue his/her points because debate just validates both sides and there’s no validity to saying that COVID-19 is “just the common flu”. Unfortunately we haven’t even hit the 1/4 mark, things will probably get much worse like they did in Italy. ER’s are already taxed to their limits, perhaps when life-threatening illnesses are being ignored in hospitals because there are too many dead and dying people, all of you hateful anti-Torah types will finally wake up.


    He selects a rasha nation as a shaliach to inflict a plague

    Conspiracy theorist detected?


    The correct answer is You dont know and nobody else knows either

    pro geshmake yidden

    Just today I heard a shiur the message was that when Hashem takes away not just our gashmiyus but also our ruchniyus we cannot ask why – we have to understand that it’s for our good and we have to say it’s for our good and we will live to see how it is indeed for our good
    Key word being good


    The yeshiva is closed by order of the government. G-d is testing us to see how we will react. Will we still daven when the shuls are all closed? Will we still learn when yeshivas and Butey Medrashus are closed.


    Is it any different than rain the first night of Sukkos?


    I don’t see the connection.


    yid: your response is to whom?


    lowerourtunition11210, You, who then?


    Look, this started getting bad in our parts of the world by parshas ki sisa. The parsha starts by saying that we should take a machatzis hashekel in order to not have a mageifa in klal yisrael.

    In reality, the machatzis hashekel was a response to the cheit haegel. It was only brought down first in the Torah, before the parsha of the cheit haegel, because Hashem is Borei the Refuah before the Makah.

    A rich person would not give more, a poor person would not give less. Everyone becomes equal with the machatzis hashekel. Everyone has an equal share in the Karban Tamid, and everyone was Misached in the karban tamid, through the use of their money.

    The sefarim hakedoshim, such as the baal shem tov, mention that money needs to be used in the proper way, and by misusing the money for thefor cheit haeigel, the were pogem in their money. They needed to do Teshuva for their misuse of money, by giving it towards the machatzis hashekel.

    2 parshiyos later, we have the parsha of the ketores. The ketores had chelbinah in it, a bad smelling spice, referencing the reshaim, the message being that everyone is included in the ketores, even the reshaim.

    The concept, I believe is Achdus.

    Andrew Cuomo said recently that this virus is the great equalizer. I agree. I feel like everyone is now on the same level. No pesach hotels, no fancy trips. No showing off your money to neighbors.

    Everyone has to sit at home. Some are even forced into bed, and cannot move. I believe Hashem may want us to get in touch with ourselves, as well as having achdus with gantze klal yisrael.


    yid: there were 12other responses besides mine so I ewanted to make sure. The OpP asked “Why do you think Hashem would effectively do away with our Tefillah B’Tzibur and so much Limud Hatorah?” My response was how is it different than when he sends rain on the first night of sukkos? we know that hashem is demonstrating that he doesn’t want our mitzvah at that time. same here. That IMO is the connection.


    Don’t ask questions to Hashem because maybe he will take you up there to answer them…


    I heard in a Shuir that Hashem wants us all to improve in what we fault in our Davening in Shul For exmple coming late to Minyan, not coming at all, talking during Davening etc. Everyone can find their own way to improve so that when we IYH get back our Shuls, they will be a much better experience.

    Reb Eliezer

    The problem is as Moshe Rabbenu was arguing in Mitzraim that if the Jews don’t know why they are being punished then what is the benefit?

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