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    i love coffe

    I just witnessed a 6th grader being sent to the 2nd grade classroom. How humiliating!!!

    Story is that this student got detention and wasn’t allowed in class the next day. (The reason was pretty stupid too). So the next day, this student goes to school and the assistant principal asks the student “why are you in school?” Student says “my mom told me to go to school”. Assistant principal says,”call your mom to pick you up.” Student-“She’s not home”. Assistant principal-“well, for being chutzpadik im sending you to the 5th grade. No, even better, im sending you to the 2nd grade, and maybe next time you will learn not to come to school next time when you get detention”.

    I was turning bright red for this student just imagining what kind of embarresment this student will have to go through next. Pure torture.

    I have so many things to say about this certain school, I wish it would get shut down. The amount of psychological and emotional problems that go on there is crazy. The teachers are not professional (they look so dumb)and they have no idea what they are doing. To top it off, the principal is an idiot. (literally, no lashon hara).

    The school loves sending home these pieces of paper where if you did something “bad”, they would write it down on this special paper, make a copy of it, stick it in your file and send it home. After, the parents have to sign it and if you get more than three of these papers you get detention. This system sounds okay, and im sure its done in other schools, but this school just gives it out left and right. They think its their right to use it whenever they want.

    I hear how the teachers decide whether or not to send this papre home. Their reason for sending one would be something like this: It’s that this certain kid has to learn a lesson and that they can’t get away with whatever they want.

    I feel as if these teachers and the whole staff has such a low self esteem. I think they have problems, that if a kid did something bad they get offended by it. What if the kid just needs some extra attention? What if he /she is going through a hard time or something? Why do the teachers have to punish the kid all the time? I think that these teachers and the staff take everything way too personally.

    I’m talking as an observer. Occasionally I’m at the school working in the office and I see all kinds of stuff. I so badly want the whole school to reform or get closed down.

    How does one deal with this? Do I just stay quite or am I supposed to do something about it?

    Ugh, I’m so frustrated! I would HATE to be in such a school.


    Difficult to say. Is there someone in a higher position you could mention this to? Are you maybe personally acquainted with some of the parents, so that you could confidentially discuss it with them and maybe together approach someone with higher authority?


    Troll!!! in your own right…lol


    i agree with The Chassidishe Gatesheader. speak to someone you know on the school board, or even a parent of the students.


    Hi i love coffee.

    Sadly, and tragically, people in education do not have what it takes to work with young people.

    While they may be knowledgeable people in their subject or done well in earning a supervisory degree, they do demonstrate any realization they are dealing with precious cargo; children.

    I am not saying it is easy. Neither is fixing a transmission, and if you dont have what it takes, find another career.

    I teach on the high school level and I cannot tell you how much damage is done to students from they way they were treated in the past.

    The damage is in their emotional well being affecting their comfort level in a classroom environment which demands the courage to try new things until then can be done well, leading to a great sense of satisfaction when a competent level of achievement has been acquired.

    The solution? Standardized education where teachers meet state requirements with qualified supervisors to check performance.

    In contrast, the public school system, even with the problems of behavior in those schools, the school system itself does little damage to the development of the child, and offers a good deal more to bring all kinds of learners to academic success.

    Why is it in yeshivos I see highly intelligent boys who are way below grade level in limud chol studies? And they are embarrassed by their skill level. Weer they suppose to speak up and tell the teacher not to neglect them?

    And why do I hear stories about corporal punishment that students feel the need to share with me??

    I can only do my part, and also ask each educator to develop the understanding and patience of a professional, or get out of the child development business.


    write an anonymus letter to some higher-ups..


    “my mom told me to go to school”. Assistant principal says,”call your mom to pick you up.” Student-“She’s not home”. Assistant principal-“well, for being chutzpadik im sending you to the 5th grade.

    They punished an innocent child to get back at his mother.

    Humiliating a child goes against every school of chinuch-it is simply not a constructive or appropriae method, aside from being retzichah.Bunch of bullies. Yesh din viyesh dayin!


    i love coffe –

    I see certain things that they did years ago in certain Yeshivos haven’t changed. I thought schools have learned from the mistakes of years ago when they disciplined without Sechel, eg. potching/hitting.

    When I was in 6th grade, my Rebbe punished me by sending me to the kindergarten class. This kid is lucky -he might still be able to fit in the desks in 2nd grade -I had to stand the whole time.


    The poor child, this kid will be scarred for life because this one “Mechanech” who is nothing short of an idiot, took an opportunity to teach and ruined a kid’s self esteem. This is why tuition is so high? Because we have a bunch of morons running schools? Good to know……


    Some of these mechanchim don’t know the first thing about chinuch. Being put in a lower class is a classic tactic,it accomplishes nothing these things make kids hate yeshiva,sad but true.

    Think first

    Listen, go to a person who has some clout invonlved in chinuch in that city and inform them about what’s going on. Hashem made you see this because he wants you to do something about it.

    You have the opportunity to change the lives of hundreds of kids that will go to that school. Do it for them. Yes teachers and rebeim can make a kid love yiddishkeit or hate it.

    i love coffe

    The chassidishe G. & tzaddiq- The people in the school with higher authority are very close with the principals, teachers and staff. From any angle you look at it, so and so is somehow related to so and so. So of course they wont do anything as drastic as firing anyone.

    more- ok more, whatever you say.

    BTGuy- I liked the idea of teaching. But once I observed the way this school discipline/treat their students, I don’t ever want to be put in that situation of having to be mean. I feel as if all these teachers or the principals (judaic and limudei chol) are all racing for the best title of “meanest/careless principal/teacher”. Why do they think that if they are percieved as mean that they are doing their job well? You don’t have to be mean to the students all the time. Im not saying not to tell a child off if he did something bad, but because maybe he was taking a little too long at the water fountain he should be sent to the office?! It just bothers me. I feel as if the school is ruining these kids and making them hate Torah (chas v’shalom).

    “Why is it in yeshivos I see highly intelligent boys who are way below grade level in limud chol studies?”

    ooooh. I see this ALOT in this school. And I feel so bad for these kids futures. I guess the school has no one intelligent themselves to teach these kids. Thinking back as a kid I just want to go and thank every teacher who taught me right. Thank G-d I was blessed with what I had.

    mom12- the higher ups are their relatives…

    BSD- “Humiliating a child goes against every school of chinuch”

    Thats all what this school is about. TFor example, they tell students off in a clearly audible tone of voice infront of anyone who is around.

    Bizrizut- Exactly what you said.

    Sam4321- I know what you mean.

    Think first- I hear what you are saying and I want to do it. What if I mention it to the one involved in chinuch in my city without mentioning the school first and get his opinion on it? Maybe next he will visit the school…yet the school will be ready for his visit and act super sweet. (I’ve seen this done with other visitors).

    I feel like I have to tell someone, but I definatly don’t want to be the one who caused this big school to close down. In other words, im scared of the consequences.

    Chamor HaDor

    This is an all too classic case of “silent abuse” in most every yeshiva today, regardless of where the yeshiva is located.

    Parents need to be brave and bold, band together and speak up. I can go on and on….I’m an educator too and often go head-to-head with my superiors. It’s low, disgusting, degrading and DOWNRIGHT DAMAGING!!

    Don’t be afraid to speak your mind as an outsider. You may lose the contract but they will know that they are being watched from the OUTSIDE, something for them to ponder, even if only for a short while. You may actually be saving a life.

    Hatzlacha Rabbah, Mr. Outsider…


    Hi i love coffee.

    Frankly, it is not easy to teach. When you couple that with people who are untrained in teaching and are given the jobs as a “stepping-stone” or see it as a temporary job which is “nice” to have, the “teachers” get overwhelmed with the students and fall and develop a bad attitude to the very product they are entrusted to develop.

    I have to point out there are many intelligent people in teaching positions in yeshivos who know their subject well and are loaded with information.

    But here is the point: Telling is not teaching. Teachers need to find the threshhold of where the class is holding because the primary job of the teacher is to ensure the student now becomes the owner of the knowledge or skill.

    Too many teachers come and go and stand up in front of the class telling all their detailed and vast knowledge, as students run around or make paper airplanes, lol…figuratively speaking.

    The teachers cannot understand why these kids are not listening and learning, and they get harsh, negative, and often verbally abusive to the students.

    It is the teachers fault. They are not there to “chalk talk”. They need to engage the student on the students level and chunk out the information in portions and detail so the student can absorb it and achieve success.

    When a teacher does that, their experience is another ball game completely, and their experience becomes cherished.

    This takes skill. Fortunately I have had formal training, and rely on it constantly

    While we have no problem as a community addressing our need to uplift ourselves in the realms of Loshon Hora and Tznius, we should add Education to the list in terms of quality of materials and teachers, as well as the school environment presenting opportunities for children to grow and develop in healthy ways guided by professionals who are properly trained.

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