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    The good news that came from the snow storm is that alternate sides was suspended for two weeks…

    does anyone agree that this is a city run scam??

    look outside they never clean the streets… trucks come down and just brush leaves to the curb…plus we did cut 400 sanitation workers anyway

    the city does it to ticket us to death… plus its a huge inconvenience

    can we all get councilman greenfield to pressure mayor bloomberg to get rid of this scam??

    bloomberg does need to get his ratings higher!


    I don’t think so. Some stuff gets pushed to the side, but there is cleaning being done.


    I like it because it keeps the parking spots moving, so that people can’t leave unused cars on the street.


    for the small amount of cleaning it aint worth the money we pay sanitation workers or the tickets we receive


    The streets in my neighborhood get cleaned every alternate-side day.


    Don’t know about where you live, but my block gets cleaned once a week.


    Some parts of Flatbush don’t have alternate-side. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people keep their cars parked for weeks at a time.

    Baruch Bohm

    you only get a ticket if you violate the rules. thats sounds about right to me. Move your car and quit kvetching!

    m in Israel

    I agree with the OP – I certainly don’t miss alternate side parking now that I’m out of NY! Yes the street cleaners go down, but I never saw much of a difference. After 9/11 ASP was suspended for MONTHS while sanitation was busy with cleanup at Ground Zero, and I did not notice any significant difference in the cleanliness of the streets. IMHO the whole thing is just a scam to give tickets.

    And saying “just move your car” is not so practical in many situations. I worked in an area with very limited parking, that was not near public transportation, so I had to drive to work. On ASP days I would have to park in an an alternate side spot, and then move my car exactly at the time that ASP began to a meter spot a few blocks away (the meter parking was a no parking zone until the time that ASP began, so I couldn’t just park there to begin with) Then I had to remember to get my car before the meter expired and return to the ASP spot which by that time was legal again. That would have been bad enough, but the meter maids started circling 5 minutes BEFORE ASP began, and would give you a ticket the SECOND the clock turned — or even a minute or two before. I even had one time that I approached my car on time, and said good morning to the meter maid standing there waiting to hopefully give me a ticket. As I was entering my care and putting on my seatbelt to move it, she scanned my registration and issued me a ticket!!! (Yes I fought it and won, but why should I have to do that?) At least the recent “grace period” rule prevents that from happening.

    As far as people keeping their cars parked for weeks at a time, I’m not quite sure I understand what’s wrong with that. Presumably someone who is parking for weeks in a spot is a resident of the area, and his car would be somewhere in that area if he’s not using it — if not that exact spot that 2 spots down — what’s the difference? All ASP ensures is that he moves it to the other side of the block once a week – why does anyone care? If you’re talking about an abandoned car, ASP doesn’t help that — the car will just continue to receive tickets, but would not be moved. (Unless it eventually is towed for unpaid tickets. . .)



    I’m sure you didn’t think of it, but he’s complaining about the law itself, not the ticket.

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