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    Is it fair that my 65 year old sister has 3 couples moving in to her house for pesach?! kids, if your married and half kids that are big enough to make a seder stay home! its unfair to put all the pressure on your elderly mother!! your mother or inlaws house is Not a hotel!! unless your a young couple or have small kids its time to stay home and do it yourself!!1


    smart, she really has to speak up for herself. she can put down now firm, serving meals, clearing, washing. on the other hand, how do you know how she feels, maybe she really wants them to come.


    You are certanly a smart person. But here in CR land, theres only one smartcookie I know of.


    Maybe if mothers would charge, hotels 4 pesach would go outa business.


    Has your sister complained?

    Would she rather not see her kids and grandkids?


    some mothers would be very upset if their kids do not come – can’t make any blanket rule about things like this.


    as long as everyone helps in their own way. ie: kids clean up toys, parents see to it that the kids clean up. the parents should help clear and serve and yes im saying men should get up and help too! women should help with cooking if need be and NEVER EVER LEAVE A MESS for anyone to clean up after you.


    If you lived in Jerusalem when we had a Temple, you had to put up anyone who showed up at your door for the shlosh regalim.


    Are you serious? How often does children and grandchildren get time to spend with grandparents? What bigger pleasure is it for your sister to see them? I am sure she doesnt mind, Has she complained to you, or are you complaining for her when she probaly wants this?

    Brooklyn Yenta

    i think your sister would be deeply insulted to be thought of as elderly at 65. she may prefer to have her kids over. i know my parents do. but we make a point of going over before yom tov to help, and we clean up after ourselves and our kids.


    There is nothing wrong with coming as long as they do the work. Some parents don’t like to leave home and they prefer that the kids come, but that shouldn’t mean that the elderly mother or even NOT so elderly should do all the work!

    On the other hand, some of us parents are ready, willing and able to go to our kids for Yomim Tovim.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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