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    Look for Biden and the democrats to start packing the courts (before which they take away the filibuster) due to the overturning of roe v wade

    Then again manchin is somewhat sane


    The Democrats lack the votes in the Senate to implement court packing.


    Manchin is always for sale. For the right price, he can be insane too.

    ☕️coffee addict


    Build back worse and his talk of switching to independent doesn’t seem like it


    The Supreme Court definitely needs reforming. I don’t think court packing is the answer though.


    Congress needs reforming. Expand the House to 555 congressmen.


    Or we can reform the President – and make it a 3 people committee (like a beis din). This was one of the original suggestions, possibly one from north, south and the middle of the country.

    Anyway, hopefully this tumult will take a month out of Congress timeline and we can save a trillion or two from last minute bills.


    I think RvW/abortion was a unique decision for the conservatives on the court given its fundamentally weak constitutional foundations. However, the moment there is any sign of extending Alito’s logic to Obergeffel etc., you will see action to either legislatively lock in certain outcomes or perhaps even “pack the court”.


    Let them do it legislatively. That’s the way the system was designed. And if they reach too far, they will stand to pay on election day.


    And once it starts, where does it end? We’ll end up with a 25 member Supreme Court (which, many country’s have, with judges sitting in panels rather than en banc), and the legal system will change radically (e.g some years all abortion will be a federal offense, and some years it will be a federal constitutional right, and some years it will up to the states). Any liberal who wants to open the door to “court packing” should imagine what the legal system will look like with President Trump and a Republican majority in both houses.


    ;’All this does is return the decision to the individual states. NY, NJ, IL, & CA won’t be affected at all by this ruling’
    So? And so? As if there won’t be A massive ripple effect everywhere,even international?


    “stability of law” had little issue with every state outlawing abortion from the foundation of the country until 1970.

    The first state to overturn was NY by one vote


    I heard an “interesting” argument – yes, court has previously overturned previous decision – but they always did it “to expand liberties”, this is the first one “to restrict them”. In other words, it is OK to overturn decisions to make it more liberal, but not ok to make it more conservative.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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