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    Once a COVID-19 vaccine is IY”H successfully developed and available to the public, will anti-vaccine people refuse to vaccinate themselves, their children and their elderly with the new vaccine, consistent with their overall anti-vaccine ideology?

    If so, how will they protect their vulnerable family members (elderly, immunocompromised, diabetics and those with other conditions carrying elevated risks for COVID-19), not to mention themselves and everyone else, from risking contagion?

    Doing my best

    Good question. I do know that the anti-vaxxers that I know don’t really believe in social distancing and only do it a little bit in order to satisfy the public.

    reform rabbi

    All the sheep will get vaccinated and there will be herd immunity.


    Will the anti-vaxxers have “COVID parties” to purposely get the disease?


    Some anti vaxxers believe the following:
    Bill gates has spoken many times about overpopulation being the biggest risk the world has ever faced and he has allegedly spoken about using a vaccine to deal with the problem of overpopulation.


    Dear Joseph,
    I am for vaccination. (I even convinced two people to vaccinate.) However I would be hesitant to use a vaccinate for an understudied virus, that was expedited for immediate use. There will not be enough for everyone anyway. It may be rationed to control outbreaks. Then they may have a choice to quarantine until it is passes, or to take the shot.


    If everything I hear is true about masks, if we all wore masks, we wouldn’t need a vaccine for this or even the flu.
    A study in Australia found when they examined masks, 40% of them had viruses on it, cold, flu, covid. But 100% of the people who were wearing these masks did not shed any of these viruses, the masks captured it. Austria made masks compulsory, they are almost virus free. Other studies have shown the same thing. Then theres this image going around that says if two people wear a mask, it stops 98.5% of viruses?
    This is just my theory, from all the things I’ve heard put together. But if true, that means I didn’t have to deal with the flu all of these years, and I don’t need lab mixtures shot into my arm if all we had to do was wear some fabric. That doesn’t sound that invasive to me.


    “If so, how will they protect their vulnerable family members”

    I don’t follow the premise of this question. Anti-vaxers never care about their vulnerable family members, why would they suddenly start caring?


    Anti-vaxxers are wrong and are a threat to the rest of us. They may not know it, but they are extremely selfish.


    I’m a “cautious vaccinator” i space them out and don’t give the ones I dont need to, like Flu or HPV. I would NOT be first on line to get the new vaccine, and probably not even middle…. it will be the most rushed vaccine in history, as well as the least tested, all for a virus which is still a mystery to mankind. That sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Trials went straight to humans without animal testing. Trials will be shorter than usual. Historically, vaccines for respiratory viruses are among the MOST complicated to create which is why very few exist today. The vaccine might actually make people sicker upon exposure if not previously exposed, like the disastrous Denvax for dengue. Besides, many in my community have tested for antibodies and both they and their kids are positive.


    I expect anti vaxers to claim that COVID-19 was invented to force them to vaccinate. I don’t believe that of course. I do wonder if we would be forced to vaccinate but I believe the medical establishment so lmaasa I’d do it. But I admit that the potential overreach of govt can be concerning. (This from a guy who hasn’t left house in 6 weeks since I live with my older parents).

    The Shady Charedi

    I’m curios/concerned…
    I posted a reply here before, on a semi-related note of about 5 links that I found fascinating. They were all links to peer-reviewed medical journal articles from different studies around the world, analysing how those who’ve had a flu vaccine react to corona-related viruses, and compare to those who have not had flu shots.  But my comment was never posted. Was this due to a technical fault of my own, or perhaps links are not allowed to be posted, or did the moderators eschew it from being shown?

    Links. I try to edit when it’s more text than links, but this was more link than text

    The Shady Charedi

    Ok, thanks for explaining. Sorry about that.

    For those who are interested, here is a 1-line a synopsis of some of those studies: (Contact me, or google them for the actual articles if you’re interested).

    “Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus by 36%
    “2018 CDC Study: Flu shots increase risk of non-flu acute respiratory illnesses (ARI) in children.”
    “2011 Australian Study: Flu shot doubled risk of non-influenza viral infections and increased the risk of virus-associated acute respiratory illness, including influenza, by 73%.”
    “2012 Hong Kong Study: Flu shots increased the risk of non-flu respiratory infections 4.4 times and including influenza, tripled the overall viral ARI risk.”
    “2017 Study: Vaccinated children are 5.9 more likely to suffer pneumonia, 3.8 times greater risk of ear infections, and 30.1 times more likely to have been diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis than unvaccinated children.” (“30 times” !!!)
    “2014 Study: Influenza-vaccinated children were 1.6 times more likely than unvaccinated children to have a non-influenza “Influenza-like-illness” (ILI).”

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