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    Any recommendations for what helped you or someone you know with covid? Specifically terrible cough and congestion with weakness. Has anyone heard of inhaling tea tree oil? May Hashem heal all of klal yisroel.


    Sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well

    What helped me was a healthy diet, & lots of tea / fluids. In general I take a daily multi vitamin and exercise, try to get movement into your daily routine, even if it’s difficult it’ll help your body keep everything flowing. (Don’t exert yourself, this can be dangerous, just minor movements until you regain strength.)


    I hear that hydrochorliquine along with zinc works wonders.


    Get a desk top style nebulizer with the face mask (for treating both nose/lungs), 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide, distilled water, Celtic Salt with no additives, Lugol’s Iodine Solution at 2%: Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon Celtic salt into 1/4 cup of distilled water, add to well of Nebulizer, add 1 drop of the Iodine Solution, and 1/4 teaspoon of the Hydrogen Peroxide. Treat every 6 hours for 2 to 4 days, depending on your symptoms. This was used successfully by Dr. Brownstein’s patients for the Covid and has been using this treatment for over 25 years in his practice for the flu, Sars, pneumonia, and bronchitis. You can buy the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide over the internet or ask a pharmacy if they carry it. You want to make sure it is 3% or diluted with water to make it 3%, the nebulizer can be purchased from the internet or from the pharmacy, as with the Lugol’s Iodine Solution 2%. Use only distilled water, not tap/filtered/or bottle drinking water. If you have access to saline, you can substitute it for the Distilled water/Celtic Salt mixture.


    I should note that you can make a batch of the water mixture (salt/distilled water) with the hydrogen peroxide and iodine, and use about a dropper full of it in the nebulizer for each treatment. The first day, if you have chronic breathing symptoms, you can use the treatment every hour, then when you get relief, usually after a day, you can then treat every 3-6 hours as needed for a couple of days. It can be used as a preventative also, if you know you have been exposed to someone with Covid, and use this protocol one time after exposure. Dr. Brownstein said it is highly recommended to prevent contracting Covid after flying in aircraft as a preventative; give treatment one time after travel in aircraft. (Do not use table salt, but either pure Celtic Salt, or Himalayan Salt, or Sea Salt, with no other additives…check the ingredient lable).



    Dr. B is pushing holistic medicine which has no scientific backing.

    He has many such ridiculous treatment regiments.

    There are many alternative providers with many alternative claims and made up treatment regiments.

    There are a number of patients that have tried this treatment that you have listed and ended up on a ventilator.

    There are a number of treatment options for patients that are having respiratory symptoms. Including nebulizers (beta-agonists and steroids).

    What I would say in a public forum, the hospitals are fully capable of handling COVID patients, they are not above capacity and some have good treatment protocols, with teams of providers that have enormous experience treating COVID patients.

    There has been a lot of positive feedback from recent patients that were admitted. Depending on where you live, I would suggest that if you have problems with your breathing or your primary care provider believes that you should go to the hospital. Rather go earlier than later. There are a number of treatments that are shown to be successful in helping patients recover sooner which means less negative effects on the body.


    I am thinking you are a physician since you are taking that stance 2cents.

    OF COURSE, there will be ‘nay sayers’, and we are all conditioned to believe that it is just “too good to be true”. Let me be clear, the study Dr. David Brownstein provided on-line with his protocol is proof enough that this simple and inexpensive treatment plan works. The peroxide levels mimic what occurs naturally in your body. All his patients successfully recovered (no one died, besides!), even some who were sent home to die from the hospital because there weren’t any ICU beds left. And, it is proof to me, since I have friends who have successfully recovered 100% with no ill effects, using his protocol; and, many other people are now discovering how simple and easy, successful and inexpensive, this treatment is, including other doctors, now using the nebulized peroxide protocol with the same rate of success…100% recovery with no ill effects.

    Dr. Brownstein is not a quack, if you are suggesting that 2cents.

    Dr. David Brownstein has published his study utilizing many ways to treat Covid, including the nebulized peroxide protocol. However, in order for any study to be accepted by the at-large “medical community”, you would have to give placebos to some patients in a “Controlled Study”, which Dr. Brownstein, has avowed that he couldn’t live with his conscience giving placebos to some of his patients, with an understanding that they could possibly die, and abusing their trust.

    I suggest to anyone that if you are really sick with Covid, this treatment is 100% safe AND EFFECTIVE, if you follow what is required, i.e. using the ingredients and amounts I suggested and not deviating from them. There are several other doctors around the country who have endorsed their use of this treatment using the nebulizer and FG hydrogen peroxide, etc. and are using it with the same rate of success and wonderful testimonials.

    Hospitals are not admitting patients with early on-set of Covid symptoms and their protocol is to send you home to only return to the ER if you have severe symptoms and low oxygen levels and trouble breathing. This treatment kicks in your natural immunity and responses to get rid of the symptoms quick and routes you to health. Everyone who has used this protocol state immediate relief. Using it at the first on-set of symptoms…it is so safe, it can be used as a preventative treatment if you have been exposed to the virus through contact or air travel.

    There are other treatments doctors could utilize. I’ve asked doctors in our community, and they are not using the Budesinide protocol or the Hydrochloraquin protocol which are known to be effective in Covid treatment. And, will not use them. Strictly because of politics at play, and in my opinion, money that the government will give to hospitals for Covid hospitalizations and deaths.

    You should know, that if you are in dire straits, just because someone is a ‘nay sayer’ and convinces you to rely on chance, you will miss out on an effective treatment to rid the virus quickly, safely, inexpensively, and effectively; avoiding trouble with your health in the future (of which many victims of Covid state having to deal with, some with extremely debilitating issues); and alleviate great expenses incurred from hospital bills, in which the establishment would love your contribution to at this point in time…

    Also note, that Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is in the pure form, without stabilizers, and should be refrigerated after opening the bottle.

    You have to be zocher to hear the truth.
    Refuah Sheleimah and Bracha V’Hatzlocha.



    There is a lot of natural stuff that is known to be beneficial, but the statements that you have made are inaccurate and not factual.

    I hope that people are smarter than to trust an anonymous online blogger when it comes to medicine.

    Are you willing to accept responsibility if anyone Ch”v has a negative outcome due to following the advice that you posted online?


    Its great for the Mods to tolerate some really bizarre political conspiracy theories on an open forum but at some point. promoting unproven and potentially dangerous “cures” for the Corona Virus is pushing the envelope. While most YWN readers are smart enough to ignore such hype of cures with “100 percent success rates”, there are sadly some with family members who are desperately ill or lack access to medical care who might c’v take some of this garbage seriously.


    Mod note: please do not take post at his word, thete is no known cure for Covid19.  Check with your doctor before following ANY online advice – 29


    If you have no experience with this, as I have, you are not one to say it is dangerous, etc. (lo aleinu)! Like I said, one must be zocher to hear the truth (or zocher to tell the truth). I would not attest to this protocol for treatment for Covid if it were to endanger anyone. It will not hurt you in any way, and will improve symptoms of Covid within minutes after use…prevent dangerous illness progression, such as Cytokine storm, and breathing troubles/pneumonia. The dosage uses .01% – .03% FG Hydrogen Peroxide which is proven safe for nebulizer treatment using .09% normal saline, or the salt mixture recommended and Lugol’s Iodine added at the measurements and dosage I stated in my previous post. It is safe and has been used for close to 30 years for patients with bronchial pneumonia, and other lung illnesses. Patients with Covid who have used this protocol are having immediate relief and recovery within hours/days. I am not a blogger, nor am I in any way trying to promote anything dangerous or harmful. Klal Yisroel needs help!!! Everyone is dealing with the magefa at levels that are unprecedented, but this is a treatment that is definitely a way out of it!

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