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    How common ia a false negative test result?


    It depends on which tests are used. The reported rate of false negative results is as high as 30-50% for antigen tests, which is why they are NOT useful as a single test for active infection. False negatives are also higher when the test is given “too early” after exposure. The more costly and accurate PCR tests involving nasal swabs have a false negative rate between 5 and 10 percent if properly administered and analyzed using the proper reagents and lab procedures.

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    There are plenty of false positives too


    If you are in a closely-knit community, even imperfect tests will show the overall situation.
    The challenge is time – to wait for a test time after a possible exposure, wait for results, report …
    Multiple people will be infected by that time

    Smaller schools should maybe look at frequent batch testing for multiple people together and make people report symptoms before tests, increasing safety measures when there is a suspicion


    THe New York TImes wrote an article on AUgust 29 stating that PCR tests have between 50 – 90 percent false positives! They find dead virus, old cold coronaviruses etc. PEOPLE Testing causes do NOT test! Testing causes shutdowns! You don’t need to know what you have! JUST treat it! If you never had covid and you have most of the symptoms of COVID, then you can treat it like COVID! If you only have mild symptoms, stay home, take care of yourself and move on. What value is a test if it has such a high level of being inaccurate AND puts everyone into quarantine?? PLEASE we must stop this.

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    Based on a conversation with someone in the organization in my community doing testing those were the old percentages and are not true anymore. I tjink he said pcr testing is 95% accurate. I don’t think there are as many innaccuracies anymore. Ask someone who knows what the current numbers are.


    please do not quote the NY TIMES .they have zero believability , it all depends which way Trump looks worse. I say this in all sincerity. they are liars par excellence.


    False negatives seem to be caused by timing – PCR best detection is 1 to 4 weeks after exposure
    seems less likely during all-important first week – when a person may be infectious several days before onset of symptoms

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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