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    Good evening.

    I know that anyone can post whatever they want, so it won’t be a sure fire way to get my question answered. But I’m gonig to ask it anyway, and I hope all who respond will be honest.

    Being that many of you live in the areas that are rumored to have an uptick of covid-19 cases, I’m hoping to get an idea of whether it is true.

    Who knows of someone who lives in NYC, and in the last few weeks developed classic covid symtoms, i.e. breathing issues, lung issues, lost sense of smell or taste?

    There is one person that I know of, his name is (redacted), Hashem should give him a refuah shleima b’korov.

    Do you know of someone else?

    Please do not tell me about people who tested positive. I don’t believe any of the tests are accurate. And please don’t use this thread to try to convince me otherwise. Use another thread if you want, or create your own. I only want to know about people who got sick.

    The other thing I would like to hear about is whether anyone knows of someone who had those classic covid symtoms, and got it twice. Twice means at least 3 weeks elapsed without any symtoms at all, and then they got it again. And again, don’t tell me about test results showed reinfection. Only actual symtoms.

    Thank you.


    Without testing how can anyone know if they actually got it twice? There are thousands of different viruses that can cause fever, fatigue, and coughing, and COVID isn’t the only virus that can cause loss of smell/taste.
    I personally know someone who had all the classic symptoms around 3 months ago and assumed it was covid and didn’t get tested. About 2 weeks ago he had all the symptoms again and got tested for antibodies as well as a nasal swab. Turns out he doesn’t have antibodies (unless they completely wore off in under 3 months) and the swab came back positive.
    I’ve also know several people who had the virus right after Purim (confirmed with symptoms, a nasal swab and subsequent development of antibodies) who got tested for antibodies again over the past 2 weeks and the antibodies test came back negative.

    ☕️coffee addict

    To start off I’ll answer your question

    Yes I know of people that got sick then got tested and was told they had COVID-19

    That being said I think the mayor is blowing it out of proportion to get back at us and to save face for delaying public schools opening because he wants to show that our schools have kids that are getting it

    I saw on the Ywn status update the protests on Louisville and there were people that weren’t wearing masks and not a peep from deblasio I also saw that yahoo ran a story that kids gave a better immune response than adults so why close schools

    My only answer is that it’s payback for tischler opening the playgrounds before the summer

    Lakewood isn’t closed and nobody is talking about that!


    A guy I know (not from New York) was very sick from COVID-19 around Pesach time. Baruch Hashem he eventually recovered with only a nasty lingering cough for a few weeks afterwards. A few weeks ago he went to a chasuna where the ba’alei simcha weren’t careful about other people’s health, thinking he’s immune. Unfortunately he started feeling unmistakable symptoms a few days later and was tested positive.

    COVID-19 is similar to the cold or the flu. Getting it once protects an individual for to three months to a year, max. After that, the immune system stops producing the antibodies and is open to re-infection.

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    I know someone that had the virus got better got tested was told had the virus and didn’t feel symptoms and was told it was a false positive because he had dead virus in his system that was picked up


    @coffeeaddict Yes, the tests are only about 90% accurate. However, this individual was exposed to someone with the virus, experienced symptoms very similar to COVID-19, tested positive, and it lasted a while. There’s almost no chance he wasn’t reinfected.

    Just like a person can get a cold a few months after recovering from one, one can also get COVID-19. Very scary!


    To a large extent you’re comparing apples and oranges. Though I won’t deny the possibility of re-infection. If you do some research on CDC website as to the reliability of the flu vaccine and why it needs to be tinkered with every single year versus infectious disease websites that talk about T cell immunity and sars viruses. You will see that you can’t make a straight out comparison
    Bottom line : as of right now reinfection is highly unlikely. T cell immunity which replaces the early antibodies seems to be pretty effective for sars type viruses.
    The current thinking is that a second wave will not affect New York City that badly and we are less likely to have re-infection from Covid versus the flu infection that requires an annual vaccine because of mutations/strains
    I am in no way suggesting that we should not be wearing masks, I’m just suggesting that we don’t panic


    “Either way, we should not panic.”

    For sure. I heard of some people who panicked themselves into Covid symptoms.


    Dear Mentsch,

    Who’s thinking is that? Second waves, are usually thought of as being worse. Because they start from multiple sources, instead of one. Which leads to a higher caseload, and a greater assortment of (miniscule) genetic variances. Also, it typically requires a much larger or longer effort to contain subsequent waves. See China and Israel and Europe. Without a shift in strategy, this wave could linger into January.

    The bright side is, even if only some people take precautions it could help a lot to mitigate communal spread. Which leads to better outcomes. There is way more public knowledge about the virus. Including doctors and medics. And there are three medication known to combat Covid. Plus a dozen more possible ones. And we may be closer to a vaccine.


    The odds of reinfection are almost the same as the odds of infection. Then the body will produce antibodies which would neutralize every infected cell. If some infected cells are not neutralized, they will reproduce ant the person is contagious. In the rare event that thousands of cells are infected, the patient will develop severe symptoms.


    Dear Flowers,

    A resident in a local hospital, just got it a second time. Fever and shortness of breath twice.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    “The odds of reinfection are almost the same as the odds of infection. Then the body will produce antibodies which would neutralize every infected cell. If some infected cells are not neutralized, they will reproduce ant the person is contagious. In the rare event that thousands of cells are infected, the patient will develop severe symptoms.”

    Where do you come up with these things?!



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