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    i was in the kollel store and there was a woman who was very obviously frum, eshivish for sure standing by the take out food area and se was crackling her chewing gum. i have to tell you it was so annoying. why would someone do that? it is causing people to pay attention to her.

    she should not do that, people could look at her and have all kinds of thoughts.

    its just not a yiddish way to behave. everyone, please tell your family members not to crackle their chewing gum. its very goyishdik


    Why is it goyishdik? It is for SURE obnoxious and not very becoming but.. Why would you call is goyishdik? Are goyim that repulsive and uncouth in every possible instance? I understand having love for your fellow yid but sometimes that attitude towards goyim is very sour in this site. I have many work friends, goyim, who are classy, generous, good mothers, good friends etc and they also deserve some sort of respect especially if we expect it from them.


    Not goyishdig, just rude and unbecoming, something over which the goyim have no monopoly.


    Morah Rach- +1

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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