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    The Buzz

    I need ideas of things for my kids to “wind down” with when they get home from a long day of school. Now they each play computer/watch videos, about 1/2 hour each but I’d rather they don’t. Any good ideas?


    Chess game.

    The Buzz

    They are 5 and 7.


    Do they like to draw? Do they like to build? Do they like to cut and paste? Do they like to paint? Do they like to create with beads or playdough? Do they like to play dress-up or make believe? Do they like puzzles? Do they like reading? Do they like music? chalk board, white board? exercise mats and some exercises?

    There are lots of projects they can do depending on what they enjoy doing.



    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I give them something to eat and listen to them talk about their day.


    Let ’em jump on the trampoline.


    Like Aries says, find what they like

    Be Happy

    Have a dressing up box


    The easy thing about the computer is it doesn’t require your constant interaction with them. It may be hard for you to get busy playing with them when you have to make supper and also just walked in the door, etc. One thing that is much better is tapes (today it’s cd’s) appropriate for their age. Jewish tapes are very educational and enjoyable for them – not on the computer – then the imagination is being used while listening.

    Midos Machine, Mitzvah Tree, Rabbi Juravel on the Parsha, and they absolutely love Morah Music and will dance and sing and act out everything, esp. once you teach them what’s going on in each song. (I think more than one may have come out, we only have the first one.)

    Also, soon the weather will be warm and they can play outdoors. You didn’t say if they are boys or girls, but I have a 4 year old girl who loves doll carriages – I buy them in the Flea Market for a few dollars – she has a few of them and constantly cares for her dolls. Any new toy for a child will draw them off the computer, large puzzles, and then you can make the computer off limits until a later hour (if there are older children who will turn it on anyway.)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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