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    If by crossing the street at a pedestrian crossing (without a stop sign for passing cars) on Shabbos, you will cause a car (or cars) to stop and wait for you to cross, is it permissible to cross at that time — and thereby causing a driver to stop his car (and then accelerate after you complete crossing the street), rather than making sure that there are no approaching vehicles at the time you cross?

    Does it matter if you live in an area with a majority non-religious Jews or if it is majority non-Jewish?


    My parents told us to be extra careful of that on Shabbos.There is no way to know who is Jewish(after all he’s driving on Shabbos)so better safe than sorry.


    Why did the frum Jew cross the road?

    He couldn’t; it was Shabbos.


    We never gave any thought to this in our own neighborhood. But then when we were in E”Y, someone pointed it out to us. At home we really didn’t have much traffic on Shabbos so we didn’t step off the curb if there was a car and just waited for it to pass so therefor we never even gave it any thought.


    In sefer Nishmas Hashaboss it says that a city with a majorrity of jews like in isreal its a problem because you are being machshil a jew. while in a non jewish city its not because the driver stops for his own benefit not to be involved in an accident.


    My husband is a Rav in a community where 80 percent of the town is Jewish but the majority arent shomer shabbat (well they keep it in their own way). Alot of them drive to shul. Walking home from shul on shabbat we always have that problem. If they see us crossing not only do they stop to let us cross, some of them open their windows to say shabbat shalom, and one of them even stopped, backed up, parked, and got out to come say shabbat shalom in person. (Dont even want to think how many aveirot that is). It really is a big problem.

    not I

    I was always taught that even for a goy you can not make him brake for you on Shabbos!

    Yes a yid may sound worse but really making the goy do a melacha for you!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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