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    Decency is Key

    Why is it okay for Governor Cuomo to incite hatred against the Jewish community?
    The statistics he is using would not be accepted by any statistician or research organization. There’s no measure of positivity rate per capita. He isn’t pointing out the high positivity rates in other minority communities. He’s putting out the numbers from the “Jewish zip codes”. Incitement by a politician is illegal in the US. The comments under his twitter graph presenting the FAULTY statistics are horrific; some mentioning “Close down the entire area, especially the road out.”

    Are we going back to ghettos? Why is this okay? We need a unifying leadership to demand that ppl follow guidelines, and to demand that Cuomo and the Press stop inciting violence and hatred toward a community of hundreds of thousands. WE ARE NOT A MONOLITH. One person supposedly stated that ‘we have our own rules here’ and it’s front page news. This situation is scary and invites anti Semitism, toward a community that faces thousands of racist and anti religious attacks per year.

    Does anyone think he’s intent on taking revenge against us for successfully opening summer camps out of state, despite his objections? Is it because our areas are relatively “red”, politically? Is it because we are an easy target, or fought back against the attempt at destroying our Jewish education? He needs to go.


    Why? Because he is a politically correct Democrat, and the continued existence of frum Jews (along with most religions) is a serious offense against political correctness.


    Indeed. It is so blatantly racist to introduce measures to stop the spread of this lethal virus specifically in areas with large concentrations of Jewish residents. Don’t the lives of non-Jews matter? How can they just be left to fend for themselves while emergency ordinances are put in place to save Jewish lives?!


    We need to stop going for covid test. Only healthy people should go get tested


    If we would stop having mass spreading events, and more of us wore masks, he would not be targeting us.

    I am attending outdoor minyans. Why isn’t the entire frum world moving its services outdoors? The weather has been remarkably good for this time of year. The holy Kotel is outdoors! The Beit HaMikdash Courtyard was outdoors!!!

    Decency is Key

    Did you not read my post?

    The number of cases are not higher in our communities. The number of positive tests in relation to total tests taken is higher. This does not reflect anything of the general population.

    The health department visited schools before YK, admitted that proper precautions were in place, expressed approval, then closed the schools.

    On any given day I see more non-Jews not wearing masks than I do Jews who aren’t wearing masks.

    The VAST MAJORITY of institutions and establishments are keeping to the guidelines, and have been for some time. MOST of the people are wearing masks.

    The issue is that he continuously, publicly, carried on about the non-compliance when there has been compliance, and that he points out the rise in percentages JUST within our communities, when other minorities who also live in crowded communities have similar rates.

    Decency is Key

    You are so quick to assume that this is not already happening. Every shul has a box of masks available and a limited capacity. Over YT many of the shuls have used tents to extend the square footage to allow for more social distancing.

    The mass events over the past two days reflects the frustration of people who are fed up of trying their best and being targeted nonsensically. Yes, it was stupid to protest without masks, but should we sit here and allow ourselves to be bludgeoned by the governor as if our entire community of hundreds of thousands are flouting the guidelines?

    Today a non-Jew called me a “Super spreader” because “Jews have Covid”. I’ve been home for months and wear masks everywhere. There’s no evidence to suggest that our population has a higher infection rate. Healthy people in our communities are not testing right now, especially since most are not working for the holidays. If only people who feel ill test, a large percentage of them may be sick. It doesn’t mean that the percentage of Jews with the virus is greater.

    So, no, the answer isn’t “Just listen to the guidelines”, because even when the guidelines ARE followed they close our schools and announce to the world that they needed to close a yeshiva, or point out the few Jews they found without masks. And using images of mass gatherings of Chassidic Jews from 2007 in press releases, trying to depict to the public that we’re doing that?! How is that acceptable?

    Yes, Jews should please be hyper-vigilant about following the guidelines AND Cuomo should stop acting like a blatant anti Semite, inciting hatred against our people.


    This is democrat antisemitism in its pure form. They aren’t hiding it anymore. The Trump administration worked on getting Esrogim to NY for Sukkos and the democrats are identifying jews by zip codes. Whose side are you on?

    anonymous Jew

    Charlie Hall,
    So, why were the BLM protests supported by Cuomo and DeBlasio when there was no social distancing and many didn’t wear masks? I’m not excusing the violence but fair is fair.


    Anonymous jew, there is no fair anti semitism is irrational. It starts with something somewhat true like saying most jews didn’t wear masks which even then is exaggerated and then it turns worse and worse. Everything becomes the Jews fault. I’m afraid there is no way to stop this.


    Akuperma -“Because he is a politically correct Democrat, and the continued existence of frum Jews (along with most religions) is a serious offense against political correctness.”

    This is the New Democrat Party! They are against any Religion, except Islam.
    But they learned from History – if you want to pick on some Religion – pick on the Jews!
    Yet there are so many posters that are Openly for the DemonCrat Party.


    Cuomo had a conference call with 3 people yesterday 2 out of the 3 are not even in the red zone and the remainder is in a self contained community, I could not believe the softball questions and the sucking up, it was sickening, how about a call with the frum elected officials, of taking a call from someone who is not afraid to challenge him.

    Decency is Key

    I listened to those recordings and I believe they’ve realized that they’re dealing with an egotistical “ruler” who needs to be buttered up in order to quell his need for revenge against the Jews for “defying his orders”. Also, you get what you give, so they’re trying to negotiate. You have to know your clientele, you know?


    I don’t know people talking to the governor, so I don’t know whether their super-polite manner is appropriate. But you can also here that the speakers do not have a command of language, are not able to make a full sentence, make list of “first” and “second” that has several “first”s, and probably did not prepare for five minutes to make a list of points they plan to discuss. Other posters noticed that too. I don’t know whether these short extracts are representative of representatives of the communities involved.


    @Decency is key, trying to negotiate?? ROFL, negotiations are a two way street, by rolling over and acting like wimps I am sure the negotiations will go real far.

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