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    I want to reopen this thread.

    I believe R. Hershel Sch. is a true iluy.



    “i have never heard that the Rov zt”l allowed/did not object to his talmidim taking pulpits without a mechitza”

    I have heard that personally from some talmidim. One took such a position had to leave that pulpit because the congregation would not install a mechitzah (and to this day does not have one).

    The Rav z’tz’l was not the only Rosh Yeshiva to encourage talmidim to do this. Rabbi Emanuel Feldman took a non-mechitzah shul in Atlanta with the full approval of Ner Israel’s Rav Ruderman z’tz’l. Rabbi Feldman did suceed in converting the congregation to fully halachic services.

    “I am not sure if this was his kulah, but his brother R’ Aharon (IIRC) held that a mechitzah has to be only 39?? inches (for it to be technically at the lowest level, kosher)”

    That was also The Rav’s kulah, as well as the kulah of Rabbi Yosef Eliyahu Henkin: Ten tefachim is the required height.

    “Yet the Rav zt”l gave the first Talmud shiur at Stern College. Who’s derech then is R. Schachter following in his stance?”

    Rav Schachter is a gedol in his own right and can disagree with his teacher. But I’m not sure he really objects to women learning talmud as long as there is proper motivation. He does wear techelit, though, which The Rav z’tz’l did not.

    ‘if YU has to “take credit” for Mordecai Kaplan’

    Mordecai Kaplan did not attend YU; he did study briefly at a predecessor institution, the Etz Chaim Day School. He graduated from JTS when it was still Orthodox and also had a personal semichah from Rabbi Yitzchak Yaakov Reines.

    “The proper thing is that a Rosh Yeshiva is just that. The ”Rosh” of the Yeshiva, and is the final arbiter. “

    YU/RIETS currently has about three dozen Roshei Yeshivot. There is no Jewish institution in the world that has such a abundance of gedolei Torah.


    I am aware of only one person who earned both semichah from The Rav and also earned a doctorate under The Rav’s supervision. (The Rav was a philosophy professor before he was a Rosh Yeshiva!) That person is Rabbi Norman Lamm.


    Kaplan was also the first rabbi of the Manhattan Jewish Center (before Rabbi Leo Jung z’tz’l who was before Rabbi Norman Lamm), and was one of the founders of the National Council of Young Israel.


    Now, back to the original question:

    I am not qualified to answer the question. However I will say that the talmid of The Rov whose writings I find most inspiring is Rabbi Dr. Aharon Lichtenstein. His ability to weave history and literature together to make Torah points is without parallel.


    charliehall in addition the rav normally advised against saying hallel (with or without a bracha) on yom haatzmaut while his brother reb aharon and rav shachter say you should say without a bracha.

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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