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    Rav Avigdor Miller on Cursing Haman and All the Resha’im

    Q: We say “zichrono li’vracha” or “zeicher tzadik li’vrocho” for a tzadik. Why don’t we say on a rasha “shem risha’im yirkav” – the name of the resha’im should rot?

    A: Certainly you should say it. And if you don’t say it you’re a liberal. If it’s a real rasha, certainly you say it. You can say “yemach shemo”. And if he’s still alive you can give him a bracha and say “afrah li’pumei” – “May dirt enter his mouth.” We’re wishing upon him that dirt should come into his mouth, in the grave, as soon as possible. Why not? It’s a mitzvah! Shem Risha’im Yirkav! The name of the rasha should rot away! We are not ashamed to stand up for our principles.

    The word “hate” is despised by the New York Times, by the liberals. But certainly it’s a mitzvah to hate resha’im. Don’t they hate the good Jews?! They hate religious Jews. Certainly they do. And therefore we have a right, and it’s our duty, to show that we are opposed to resha’im, and to show that we know that Hashem hates the resha’im. No question about it. In the Tanach it teaches us again and again the foundation principle that ואהב את יעקב ואת עשיו שנאתי (Malachi 1:2). Hashem said that! He said, “I love Yaakov and I hate Eisav.” So what’s the question? And therefore, if you’re speaking about a rasha and you want to add a postscript such as “afrah li’pumei”, I’ll say תבוא עליכם ברכה – you should be blessed for saying that. Don’t be ashamed.

    Tape # 829 (June 1991)

    Reb Eliezer

    The Bnei Yisoschor says that it says in Eicho לא מצא מנוח Monoach was an am haaretz everyone knew כל המיצר לישראל נעשה ראש, whoever hurts Yisroel will be elevated, like Haman because Hashem wants to fight him and the greater they are the harder they fall.


    Rav Avigdor Miller on Davening For The Resha’im

    Q: Don’t we have a responsibility to daven for resha’im that they should do teshuva? So why do we say “V’lamalshinim” three times a day, and pray for the demise of the wicked?

    A: Listen. Here is a Jewish apikoris running after you with a club. He wants to hit you with a club. So you’re asking me if you should daven to Hashem that he should do teshuva?! Maybe. You have no time however. In the meantime he should drop dead. That’s what you want.

    That’s why we say m’heirah three times in the bracha of “V’lamalshinim” – m’heirah, m’heirah, miheirah! In no tefillah do we find that it says mi’heirah as much as in that brachah. Because the apikorsim are a danger. They are a threat to us. So although we want them to do teshuva, they’d better do teshuva fast. Otherwise they should get killed before they do anything bad to us. And the effect they have on our minds is very bad. מכל משמר נצור לבך – “More than anything you guard, you should guard your mind” (Mishlei 4:23). The apikorsim are wreaking havoc on our minds so they’d better do teshuva fast.

    I passed a missionary on Kings Highway – a Jewish missionary sitting on Kings Highway giving out his literature. So I passed by him and I said, “Ribono Shel Olam, he should do teshuva. Let him drop dead in the meantime.”

    Tape E-258 (February 2000)

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