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    What is exactly are people referring to when they speak of “Da’as Toyrah?”


    Following the advice of the Chachomim (i.e. Gedolim) of our generation.


    Take out the “is” and you got a sentence that makes sense.

    Daas Torah means the Daas, opinion or view, of someone who’s thinking is shaped by Torah only. Someone who learns Torah Lishma all his life adapts his thinking to that of the Torah, which is Hashem’s thinking.


    A rov who disagrees with the rov of someone you don’t like. 😉

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    An adam gadol I knew said that daas Torah is the ability to give advice without negiyus (i.e. objectively).


    ItcheSrulik: LOL, I was gonna say that one….

    “An adam gadol I knew said that daas Torah is the ability to give advice without negiyus (i.e. objectively).” That’s only a view of a Daas Yochid :p

    optimusprime: huh? sorry, that totally went over my head….I’m gonna wikipedia that one…..(pause)……

    …(one minute late)…OOOOOOH, I get it!!!!!

    Pashuteh Yid

    The ability of a talmid chacham to bring good rayos and sevaros that conclusively prove a point. If one speaks or writes without rayos and sevaros, it is merely one’s personal opinion.


    If you want definitions here is a simple one:

    Shvartza Wolf = Troll


    Optimusprime: I don’t get you. The vast majority of posts I have seen from you so far were just short one-liners spouting super right-wing unsubstantiated “party lines”. Now you brought up a short one-line super left-wing “party line’. Which one is it?


    daas Toyrah depends on your circles. If you’re chassidish, it means papal infallibility. In litvishe circles, it means that one has learned so much torah that one thinks like the Torah thinks. A lawyer is so immersed in his law that he approaches everything like a lawyer. A handyman looks at everything and notices what needs to be fixed. A historian looks at everything and compares it to past examples. A linguist picks up accents. An anthropologist picks up subtle social behavioral cues that other miss. An IT professional will see patterns of phishing and social engineering that others completely miss. And a person with Daas Torah will compare everything to points made by chazal and have his viewpoint guided by chazal. This is very litvish, very non-mystical.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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