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    I have B”H completed Daf Yomi Brachos but am now having a LOT of problems understanding and sticking w/ Shabbos. I am afraid that I will drop it altogether because I am already a few days behind and just not getting it. Any advice?


    Find a Shiur/Chavrusa that works for you or buy an Artscroll.


    dafhachaim.com is a great daf yomi tool, they have a intro shiur, daf shiur & five minute review shiur daily, with graph/pics on the side that make everything very clear


    The several blat that follow the first one are quite complex, and after the relatively easygoing Aggada and Hashkofa that permeates most of Brachos can come as a shock. I would suggest evaluating whether you want to stick with the speed of Daf Yomi, or if you want to compromise the speed for a few days in favor of understanding those blat. If the latter, you would probably do yourself a favor to hook up with a tutor to help you through them. I do recommend working from the Artscroll volume because their explanations are very thorough. You are going to sweat a lot to get through it, but you will be very satisfied for having done so.


    I would try DafHachaim.com it has a video introduction, shiur and review with pictures and charts to every daf.


    there is alot of good online help out there like the OU daf shiur by Rabbi Elefant the Kollel Iyun Hadaf has very good summaries and more.Also there a new shiur for review called Daf Hachaim.There also Daf Notes a 20 minute summary of the daf.Also try the Daf Digest out.Also the new Koren Shabbos has great pictures background notes and more.

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    hey you know what they say,

    bah shabbos bah menucha (thats why everyone leaves daf yomi by meseches shabbos)

    Rav Tuv

    Wait till Eiruvin, Shabbos will seem real easy.


    “or buy an Artscroll.”

    I am working from an Artscroll Gemara. Still very tough for me. I am a BT going on 25 years of frumkeit, yet I avoided learning Shas as long as I could. I jokingly called it “Daf Shani (I know that’s not correct).”

    Now, it’s no joke. I was on a spiritual high, sticking with Brachos and never missing a day. Now I feel like I am in the rapids with no inner-tube and the days are ticking away. I dread going to the daf because it is so intricate.


    Try Rabbi Rosner’s daf shiur on ou.org.


    Why not discuss it here?



    Lots of great advice here, also allow me to recommend a site that has some amazing resources for Daf learners like outlines charts graphs and more.


    Here is another good resource:



    There is a great daily video Daf Yomi Shiur on Livedaf.net – The Maggid Shiur (from Kollel Toronto) is very clear, and also summarises every section of the Gemara with on-screen charts and diagrams. They also have a full-time Maggid Shiur on duty who responds to all Daf Yomi questions by email!



    I 2nd DAf HaChaim. their intro and review are really good.

    re: getting lost,

    I found that learning the daf on my own to be very hard. For me, knowing that my chavrusa was learning it with me made it more worthwhile and, frankly doable. Since we both have an obligation to each other to finish the daf, we try our best. And with hashem’s help, we succeed!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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