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    To what extent does one have to be ‘dan lecaff zechus’ before it boarders on naivity?

    There was a case recently where a fellow was in the Far East on a business trip. He stayed in a famous Hotel , and one evening was seen by another ‘heimishe ‘ guy (an acquantance of his. Lets call him Moe) in the lounge having a drink with a woman.

    He noticed Moe totally avoiding him while passing him by without saying a word.

    The next morning he approached Moe and asked him why he didnt greet him the other night.

    Moe respectfully told him that he didnt want to embarass him by acknowledging that he was having a drink with another woman. Laughingly, he responded by saying ‘that other woman happened to have been my wife'(which was true).

    But what happens when you come across a similar situation where your SURE that the other individual is NOT THE SPOUSE,,?? Should we assume business , even if its unlikely? And should we make this an issue when one wants information about a shidduch?

    Please share your thoughts, its always a dilema,,,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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