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    This happens to me every time. If I am invited as friends of the parents from Shule. I like to dance in the area with the Chassan.

    The whole time. It’s more exciting. But my Shule always makes their own circle, it’s slower and less exciting so I never go there but then it gets weird, I will be the only one from my Shule in the Chassan’s area. Is this wrong of me? I am aware this is not a big problem, but don’t want to creates a social error, what is the protocol?


    You can dance in BOTH circles, one at a time. First be mesameach the chosson, then go dance with them fellow members of your shul. One thing you don’t want – Don’t create any unnecessary controversy and enjoy the simcha with your shul friends. You can also try to pull in the father of the chosson (or kalla) into your shul circle once in a while!

    Hatzlochah, and we should only hear of simchas in these hard times.

    Working on it

    I think it comes down to one question: are you there for the chassan or the shul? Based on your answer you should be able to figure out where to dance


    This shaila needs the guidance of our Gedolim. What is the Da’as Torah on chasunah dancing?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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