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    What are the dangers with car services? And what can we do to prevent/ protect ourselves?

    Any stories??


    never get into a car service unarmed.


    Maybe you have some stories, why else are you asking?



    1) Overcharging and using roundabout routes. Happened to me when I used a non-Jewish car service for Purim deliveries. Agreed to one price, he charged me another. Also happened to me with a Jewish service when I relocated a few years ago and needed to get to the airport. The first one agreed to one price and then said he could not make it. Second one charged me more.

    2) Unsafe cars and drivers.

    3) The unthinkable.

    Use only a known, community run car service or a regulated cab.


    Don’t EVER get into a cab if its license plate doesn’t say “T&LC”. If it has ordinary plates, it means it is not licensed and is operating illegally. You will have no recourse if something bad happens. There are plenty of legitimate livery cab services serving Jewish neighborhoods, there is no reason to use an illegal one.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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