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    pro geshmake yidden

    Can someone explain to me the concept of being vulnerable? I know the velt is up in arms with it but I don’t understand if it’s good or bad

    Reb Eliezer

    It says אל תביאנו לא לידי נסיון ולא לידי בזיון don’t be bring me to tests or shame because if you bring be to tests, if will come to shame. Being vulnerable is not so good.


    so when you are out in the Serengeti, and you realize your tour jeep and fellow explorers have left you behind, and you hear the [not too] distant growl of a lion, the cackle of a hyena, and hiss of a rattlesnake? Thats feeling vulnerable.
    Its neither a bad or good thing, it just is.

    Just Kidding

    Pro schnapps

    And what is a geshmake yid doing out in the serengeti???? Why dont we bring in examples that are more tachlis.

    pro geshmake yidden

    Hey not all people who are pro geshmake yidden are geshmake yidden themselves
    I hate to say lashon hara but this is l’toyeles


    Okay, not in the Serengeti, but in Borough Park, late Thursday night; someone is coming home from mishmar, and he turns a corner and walks right into a trap — five scary looking individuals armed with knives. He’s feeling pretty vulnerable right then.
    But he whips out his bag of favorite hamentashen — raspberry filled, of course — and shares it with the scary-looking gentlemen, and everyone parts friends.


    Sounds like recognizing and accepting that your emotional state isn’t
    always as you would like it to be and can be affected by various factors
    (that guess is based on nothing).


    Having Googled “vulnerability”, perhaps you meant the idea that one
    should not allow their desire to avoid negative emotional input to limit
    their engagement with others.



    Love you, moderators! You guys crack me up! Best job in the world, censoring posts that expose the embarrassing reality of today’s shallow version of “frumkeit” found in the large Jewish communities of NY and NJ.
    Keep it up, boys, all you’re doing is burying yourselves in your own delusion. 🙂

    Hope you get plastered on Purim and puke your brains out, then make your neglected wives clean it up. True models of the ideal Jewish home.

    FYI – your post was not deleted out of fear of exposing reality. We delete your posts because some of your words, language and content has been so disgusting and inappropriate that we don’t see any reason to give you the floor. When we see your name, we just delete instead of risking exposing ourselves to pure trash talk. -29

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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